ID This Weapon

All plastic one piece construction?



Where is the trigger?

Could be a homemade type.
Consensus is that this IS a homemade 57mm launcher.

201st Iraqi Army Discovers Rocket Aimed at Tikrit

Tikrit, Iraq -- Soldiers from the 201st Iraqi Army on patrol north of the city of Tikrit located a rocket-launching position in Kadasia on Jan. 11 containing three S-5K 57 mm Soviet-made rockets.

The rockets were loaded into a homemade rocket launcher aimed at the city of Tikrit.

Upon discovering the rockets, the 201st Iraqi Army Battalion called the Joint Coordination Center, who coordinated for an explosive ordnance demolition team to destroy the rockets in place.

The EOD team arrived with Task Force 1-18 Soldiers to destroy the rockets, which were successfully destroyed before they could be launched and impact in the highly populated center of Tikrit.

The increased aggressive patrols of the 201st Iraqi Army has led to the defeat of enemy activity before it has the opportunity to escalate. The Soldiers' response is due in large part to the training the leaders and Soldiers of the 201st Iraqi Army have received from Task Force 1-18 Infantry. This training includes the individual tasks of reporting enemy activity, establishing traffic control points, conducting dismounted patrols and defending a fixed site.

The tenacity and offensive mindset displayed by the IA in making this find demonstrates both the benefits of the intense training they have received and the motivation of the Iraqi Security Forces. (Story by Capt. Michael Prudhomme, Task Force 1-18 Infantry)

(From reference the 57mm suggestion.)
I had one of those when I was aa kid. Its called Johnny 7.
Tytus_Barnowl said:
I had one of those when I was aa kid. Its called Johnny 7.
No it's not, the front handgrip on a johnny 7 was a cunningly disguised automatic pistol!
Whatever it is, the Johnny 7 (OMA) seems a better designed weapon system, even though (I had one too) the grenade didn't go too far.

Consensus is that this IS a homemade 57mm launcher.
Unlikely that even insurgents would be dumb enough to fire an S-5 from the shoulder. Without the usually firer safety measures (LAW - all-burnt on leaving launch tube / RPG – delayed flight motor ignition), chances are the firer would get a mush full of backblast.

Should make him easy to catch though – he’d be the smoky one who looks like Wily Coyote.


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