ID this rack...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by modernmajorgeneral, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Second one in? I am but a sprog...
  2. As I read the Article the only problem was caused by the poppy seller. He was'nt on the list of approved sellers to prevent fraudulant charity collectors ( You'd be surprised how many dodgy "Charities"there are) and when asked to sign in with the centre he took offense.
    As we have seen on this forun numerous times, its easy enough via fleabay to get Medals/Blazer and become NATOs last great hero.
  3. As to the Medals not got a scoobie apart from the one nearest the tie..... Northern Ireland?

    United Nations for Yugoslavia 1992-95
  5. General Service Medal (most likely for Northern Ireland)
    UNPROFOR (Bosnia 1992 to 1995)
    Operational Service Medal Afghanistan
    Iraq Medal (without bar, meaning operations after the initial invasion)
    Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal
    Long Service & Good Conduct (Regular Army)

    All perfectly fine and no reason to suspect that there is any 'waltism' going on here (especially as he has a veteran's badge and a Royal Artillery tie on).

    Interesting that you have choosen to call your thread 'ID this rack' rather than, say, 'H+S nazis move on poppy seller'.
  6. Thanks Monsstar,

    Far too young for my own good! I have now read the article - he was a bit silly and the rules are a bit silly - now resolved - what a non story!
  7. F*ck the content of the article. I'd like to know the reason for calling this thread 'ID this rack'. Just a wild stab in the dark but I suspect that the original poster was trying to jump on the 'walt hunter' bandwagon.
  8. GSM, UN in Former Yugoslavia, Herrick, Telic, Golden Jubilee, LSGC

    EDIT, beaten to it.
  9. Actually, I thought he was using "rack" in the American sense of the word. I was deeply disappointed to find no boobies... :oops:
  10. Same here...bugger :(
  11. Glad it was'nt just me! :D

    PS: Love the avatar! 8)
  12. Me too . I even got a stiffie in anticipation :oops:

    Can people stop using sexual overtones when they start a non sexual topic :x
  13. I think it's great that a famous French actor is taking the time to do this.

    I loved him in 'Leon' and 'Wasabi'.
  14. boobs! :(