Id required for this webbing pouch


I have told this yank that its commonwelth but not 37 pattern because it has a 44 type fastener and a belt loop on the back. It doesnt look like 44 pattern because it only has one set of belt clips. Ideas please, I'm sure General Melchett will have a clue!

Maybe i'm being an absolute numpty but is it not a 58 pattern ammo pouch?

Certainly, the fastening at the front and the attachments at the back look the same.

I've just realised i'm a right sad bastd....

Off out to get a life!
looks like a blancoed '58 pattern water bottle pouch, an ammo pouch would have the loop at the top for the yoke to go through
It's not '58 (the belt hooks are too low down, and the ammo pouches had a schermuley pocket and bayonet frog on).

Looks like a '44 pattern waterbottle pouch (although I mostly saw them with a twist closure). It looks green blanco'd white...

It's not likely any sort of ammo pouch as there aren't any yoke/strap attachments.
'44 pattern ammo pouch. Here's a photo of a 1st pattern version, though the fastener is slightly different:


General Melchett will know. It looks very similar to some webbing i recovered on a job and sent up to a mutual friend in Catterick.


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GreenSlime said:
It's not '58 (the belt hooks are too low down, and the ammo pouches had a schermuley pocket and bayonet frog on).
1. You've never seen a Schermuly.
2. You've never seen an Energa.
oscar1whisky said:
it's a 37 pattern drivers' pouch.
I think you're getting close, but suggests that the 37 pattern has a belt loop, rather than hooks.

Even the '44 pattern MT pouch has belt loops ( ), so it could be a '44 pattern right pouch (1st pattern - single row of belt hooks) with the top buckle removed.

Still guessing, mind.
My guess is that it's a MK.3 Ammunition pouch of '37 Pattern, with the brace attachment removed.

I'm not 100% on when the Mk.3 was introduced (1945-1946?), but have seen versions with both blackened steel, and brass fitments that look very similar to Ugly's.
'37 Pattern MkIII:

Ugly's item is strange. The front looks like '37 pattern, but the back looks like '58 pattern. Could be old stock of webbing re-formatted for '58 pattern? An early supplementary LMG mag pouch for '58 pattern, perhaps?


Hang on, Ugly said it has a belt loop on the back. It's not very evident from the photo, but if this is the case, then I'm going back to the MT pouch theory, but I'll stick with a version of '44 pattern.
I suspect that it's a pistol ammunition pouch, possibly for the Browning.

Although the shape is right for basic pouches, the overall length is only about 5" (based on the size of the belt loops).


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