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"Id rather be"

Most of us are somewhere shyte at the moment, have just come from there, or are due to go there.

So, where would you rather be?

I'd rather be balls deep in Amy Adams
Diddling Tabs, Liz, mwl, acl1981, boots, and slug although the last one is up for contention :)
In bed with some random fat arrse tart!

Licky licky :twisted: :lick:
Exactly where I am. Only ba' deep.
Nowhere other than where I am now.

A happy chap.
living out the stuff that happens in my mind, rather than just thunking it. :p
crabby said:
Watching Ivygrad choke on a combination of semen, blood and treacle.
Choking Ivygrad on a combination of semen, blood and treacle. :D
A Lumberjack?

I could chop down trees, wear women's clothes and go to the laverrrrtreee!