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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BuckFelize, May 20, 2006.

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  1. Typically, it would appear there's not one single supplier of these in the UK. There's enough suppliers of everything else to kit out an entire corps of Walts, but for an item of kit that could be of actual use? No chance. Does anyone know if these are available in the UK? I really could use one of these - and not for running around in the woods with a bunch of airsofters either.

    ID Holder
  2. do one on their site somewhere. Its a wallet as well! Very
  3. Looking at the dealers page on thespec-ops website, the only dealer in britain is called Airsoft Dynamics, who alas don't have a website built yet.
    email them here
  4. Well spotted BC, but it's about as much use as tits on a fish when you need to have about three different access passes on display at all times. It's like anything else, if it's Gucci boots, gloves, etc. then it's bound to be from a US supplier.

    Typically, the only UK 'dealer' is a bloody airsoft-related site, and one that's totally goat - with a phone number that's vacant. Usless cnuts.
  5. You could probably make a nice gucci wallet out of duct tape with some pieces of cut plastic in or laminated cards. I can't imagine it taking long.
  6. Admit it, it's a ducktape thing isn't it?
  7. Yes. Read my new book '1001 uses of black n nasty' and you will see what makes it the best thing in the world.
  8. Bang on. Well spotted. It's in the bag... erm... post actually. Bunny - Happy Qty x 1.
  9. try niton equipment. they may do something similar. if not, they do a range of assorted pouches, bags & holdalls in black, OG, DPM, Paramedic Green & I think Rescue Orange too (depending on what floats u'r boat)(in my case, DPM & Black!). bound to be something of use. their duty belts are strong as *.

    Niton Equipment