ID of a Scorpion badge / insignia

Saw a bloke at the station yesterday in 95 trousers, dessie boots and a sand coloured t-shirt with a logo of a scorpion and a Roman numeral III

As he was about twenty stone and had a goatee I thought he looked a pratt to say the least but I wondered what the t-shirt was?
3 squadron 8 transport regt I think..
I'm not 100% sure mind you!

I haven't been in touch with any of their lot since they moved to the land of sauerkraut!
He was a bit large even for a driver but I suppose that could be it. Odd way to go out in town though......
Still doesn't explain the goatee!
(most of) 8 Regt are in Munster. maybe hes on POTL and thought its hip to have a goatie.
Ever thought it could be some ex-squaddie grimly holdng on to his last vestiges of pride since he was kicked out of the army for being too fat.

Or he may be an ACF AI.

Or just a civvi with a penchant for mil kit.
In which case the description of him makes it def the RAF Regiment!! Lol!!
An RAF Regt Walt? How low can they go?
According to MoD, they came back from Afghan in May so maybe it's about time the fat knacker stopped larging* it in his Guess Where I've Been gear.

*did you see what I did there?

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