ID NAME TAPES: who makes the best..

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bikini_Black, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. who/where/how much..etc.
  2. Can't you demand them through your QMs? If it is for uniform? Then get it through them at least you won't get done for having the wrong type.
  3. I tell people my name and expect them to remember it; those who can't call me sir
  4. Jingly shop on the north side of the boardwalk...

    Only brown though...
  5. The cadet ones i bought for my nephew came through looking just about right, but the ones i got from Soldier of Fortune were the best, and are as far as i can tell the same as the ones i got on issue.

    so to answer your question..
    military catalogue
    look for insignia
    and its under nametapes and dogtags
    8.99 in Black on Green, or Black on Desert, delivers in about a week
  6. you fuc3ing geeks!!!
  7. Geek yes. However, as discussed in a previous thread I'm a complete kit tart.

    My troop uses

    They're a yank firm. Prompt, good service, and very good quality kit.
  8. Why?
    Do you want to be identified?

    When the bossman sees you doing something naughty, do you really want him to see your name as well?

    Most bosses don't know the names of all their troops, best to remain anonymous.
  9. Get yourself a set of REMF style name tapes from the Tailor in Shiabah Log Base. The one's with your name in Arabic, but it really says "I suck turds" instead.
  10. Quick and sad question on name tapes-

    Can anyone tell me if we are still using olive drab name tapes on the new MTPE, or are they the same pattern/colour as the uniform?
  11. Look at everyone else?
  12. Everyone else here is in CS95 at the moment so I don't know, hence the question.
  13. I'm with tearsbeforebedtime.

    Go to 1800nametape. Their are fab. have a very wide range and are cheaper than most places in the UK. (thou cheap on shipping, as this may be the snag now thou).