I'd just like to raise an issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so yes this might be about the National defence medal, but there are a couple of things rattling my cage of the whole issue on this site. So read this before you roll your eyes in your head and think “Oh god, here we go again”.

    YES – I totally agree with all, war dodgers and Walt’s don’t really deserve anything apart from the junk they get. Plus that giving it to the TA could be a tricky spot, as why should someone who spent 4 years working as a bank clerk, then spends 3 hours a week in the TA and then 2 weeks on exercise per year, get a medal. That is unlike Regs who do it 2 weeks per month, and have no choice in going to combat zones. I do understand that some TA soldiers offer themselves up for tours of duty and good on them, I’ve worked with the TA on tour and the majority are very professional. I was in HCR/HCMR and the riding master would now end up with QGJM, LS&GC and more than likely an MBE, despite the fact he probably hasn’t seen an SA80 for 15 years unless the Provost walked past him. So yes there are more than valid points about “Medals for nothing / serving”, even though it is already within the system.


    The British army was not created in 1991 when the influx of medals started alongside reality TV stars and 24 hour news channels. It has been around for over 300 years and things have changed in that period. In my work I come across a large amount of veterans who are all now aged between 45 and 70. They are all for the NDM. Many of these people served during the 70’s and 80’s and if you look back in history, there are only several medals that could possibly be earned in that period - GSM with the bars NI, Lebanon, mine clearance (Suez) and Gulf, Rhodesia and the Falklands. I have only seen the GSM (NI) and Falklands, the Rhodesia medal I seen in old photographs in the mess on ONE officer.

    It is those that want something for serving. Like my caretaker at work, who spent 9 years serving in the signals (Late 70’s to mid 80’s) and after 5 years in Germany, got posted to Catterick and spent a year begging before he got an NI tour and that was only for 3 months. Many of these people never got the great chances to be soldiers that you can today, they spent their lives living in ditches in Sennelager and similar places.

    The NDM is not just about today’s soldiers, it is about those who were our SNCO’s and WO’s, if the army’s 22 years is a generation, it is about our grandfathers / grandmothers. It is about those who for 20 years fought to keep the highest standards in the greatest and most disciplined army at the top of the world rankings. To be honest I think all this screaming about war dodgers is pretty disgraceful and childish. It doesn’t reflect what the army is about – comradeship, support and always wanting the best for your mucker. I think if so of the veterans who served in the 70’s and 80’s could read the posts on here about the NDM, they would think that the grand British army has turned into a school playground.

    It looks like they could well get their NDM, if you get it and don’t like, then don’t bloody wear it. Let the veterans of yesteryear wear it. Should it be rolled out in 2012 and you are watching / attending remembrance Sunday in November 2012 and you see a veteran with just the NDM on his chest and you can think is “War dodger, should have earned you bloody medal” then all I can say is “You should be f**king ashamed of yourself”. Just because you have the chance to have more medals than World War 2 veterans, it doesn’t give you the right to look down on senior veterans who never got the chance, even if they begged for a tour. Let’s have a bit of manners and respect to those who laid the pathway for us, please.

    Thank you
  2. Bollocks, it should never be about medals, mine were earned for where I went and what I did save for the QGJM, you did your time and were recognised by your pay and status, wear it if you want, its gash, not official and opens the door for all sorts of shite just to pacify those that feel a few years on a 'notice to move' and serving in BAOR were enough to justify an award.

    Funny how you rarely see those with only the GSM sticking up unauthorised bling? Wierd eh? :)
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sorry mate, don't support this. I have the 'Inch of Glory' from NI but that was all I was entitled to. Yes I did BAOR, but the most that ever kicked off there was after pay night - the 3rd Guards Shock Army did not come rolling to the Channel. Yes I did Cyprus in '74 when the Turks kicked off, but we were confined to camp most of the time - the Pads saw more action than most of us.

    I don't need a NDM to go on my manly, but somewhat bare, chest - I will make do with what I have.
  4. Feel better now?

    I agree with the previous two posts and most of the comments made on the other, not insubstantial , thread. A medal for serving is not worth anything. What kudos is to be gained from attaining that? The kudos is to be gained from a knowledge of who you were, what you did. You say yourself that the people who would benefit from this medal were those that kept the British army at the top of it's game, that's where the kudos lies.

    From a personal point of view, those medals that some of us more recent soldiers wear have a lot of weight attached to them. Let us not disparage them nor those of older generations by rendering them worthless through the issuance of petty baubles.
  5. I joined the army in the mid eighties and served right through to the present day.

    The NDM reeks of bling and showmanship to impress the rest of the civvies supping ale in the British Legion.

    I for one do not support it or wish to see the idea implemented, mainly as I have a fucking chestful of medals anyway.
  6. As a matter of interest, where've you served operationally? In fact, forget my last....................I think it's apparent you served in BAOR only.

    On a brighter note I've got 10 medals. Fucking brill or what?
  7. ... what flavour chocolate are they?
  8. On a contrary point and I agree that the so called NDM is a load of tosh, a whole load of people wandering around to-day with a chest full of medals have done no more than the tossers who milked BAOR for allowances and tax free goods.
  9. I did my time in the 90's to 00's and have served abroad, operational. Never served in Germany. I do have something to display on my chest that wasn't chocolate and proud as punch of it as well. I just work with a load of people that are pi$$ed off they didn't get the opportunities that are avalaivle today. Well more the last 20 years, really today there's one medal going, tough as it is, I wish I could re-sign and go for it.
  10. I bet you can't wait to get the NDM. Do you have to take out loans every time you get another drinking medal court mounted?

    You are Kenny Everett and I claim my £5.

    I'm too frail to hold up my meagre 6, but if I put a brick in my hand on the other side, it balances it out.
  11. I've only got one medal and I'm quite proud of that one, why would I need another one just to say I served? Isn't that what my veterans badge is for?
  12. I thought that was what the Veterans Badge ws for?
    I've got Falklands, GSM(Gulf), GW1 and LSGC and quite frankly I could really do without another one, more sewing, need a bigger medal carrier and more Silver polish.

    Unles Her Maj wants to give me an MBE or OBE for servicing munters then I don't need another
  13. Jesus fucking christ! How many times is this shit going to come round!? We have had many threads on this and each one was a resounding no to an MDN!
  14. I'd gladly wear MDN on my chesticles.
  15. And all them years I protected the yoof from the invading russians every Tuesday night and most weekends and I got nothing ... oh wait they used to pay me. I'd love a medal for my time in the bar and shooting rifles and cleaning them again. What a pile of shite.