ID for adult instructors

Discussion in 'ACF' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. This is going to sound bone but do Adult Instructors get issued any form of ID like a MOD90? :oops:
  2. Officers Yes, SNCOs No................ Done
  3. in short yes you will get an ID card all AI's are getting MOD90 now (i did) as oppose to a county issued one or a seperate ACF one not just Officers.
  4. SNCOs ....Yes

    All Offices and CFAV can be issued MOD90's, speak to your CAA or CEO
  5. Will say rank,SGT/etc, then CFAV,to allow regulars/MPGS to spot us when sneaking on to bases!!
  6. No it doesn't.
  7. It does if you put that on the form,last three cards I have asked for my CFAVs I only rememebered once to put CFAV next to rank,and they sent it back without CFAV if I left it out,with it if I mentioned it.
  8. But won't being a 22 stone, sweaty 50+ year old bag of shite with a nice shiney 300xxxx number be a give away?
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  9. Oh bugger,still in date for my fitness test,and can mould a beret,only fifteen stone and 41 years old,which means only have to do the rockport walk in the mob,must be an army thing you are talking about!!LOL

  10. I'm glad YOU said that.
  11. ...and it annoys the fcuk out of the Hooray Henry's in the OTC, because they don't get one.
  12. Possibly.............
  13. Hows the knee pads WoW? How apt is your user name
  14. Just a quick update, I've found out all volunteers within all cadet forces will be issued the new tri-services MOD90 ID