Id feel a damned sight more "secure"...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by clifftop, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. if a squadron of British troops in desert fatigues walked through Liverpool Airport versus the minimum wage Securicor tossers who "secure" the place at the moment!

    And I would be the first to start a round of applause.

    FO. FUX. SAKE. WE should hold these people in the highest esteem.



    GET SOME BACKBONE CITIZENS! :x :x :x :x :x
  2. and your point?
  3. ....if this went to the hole.
  4. Sorry, was that sarcasm?

    was my point NOT CLEAR? Have you NOT seen the news and ARRSE item about troops stripping out of cammo gear into civvies?



    I would feel happier from a national security point of view, if British Soldiers were present IN UNIFORM (even though unarmed) inside the terminal building of my local airport if I were there.

    I would feel that they could and would be of far more use than the tools who are employed by civvy "security" firms who currently "guard" the airport.

    If I were in the airport at the time when the troops came through, I would be more than happy to acknowledge their efforts in Afghan<spit>istan.

    I then suggest that the alleged GREAT British public get a fookin grip and stand up and be counted.


  5. Errm..

    We know...?

    Shouldnt you be sounding off on the general public, not the military community (and it's supporters)..?

    Sort of like standing in the middle of a Parade Square and Shouting out 'IM ON A PARADE SQUARE..'

    We know.. 8O
  6. YOU might.

    Why is OFFOG asking my point?
  7. Evidently not.

    So troop have to strip to their grots and move through a public area, that could be interesting and sure to make the headlines. Do you have a link?
  8. i dont get your point clifftop care to explain again ?
  9. Nicely edited fatarse. Clever fooker.

    It has been covered in civvy street:
  10. Not JUST for you.
  11. mate your a bit special aren't you.......
  12. Maybe you're a bit thick? I can spell.
  13. Try sleeping in a foetal position. Its supposed to help people feel secure.