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Do you agree with the government's proposals to introduce a compulsory ID card?

  • Yes, bring them in as soon as possible.

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  • Yes, but I'm not fcuking paying!

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  • Not bothered, it won't effect my life one eay or the other.

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  • No, the present system of Passports/Driving Licence is good enough.

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  • NO! Never! Now get orf my laaand!

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Seeing as this has been doing the rounds in the news on and off now for some time, I wanted to sound out Arrse members' opinions on the proposed scheme.

Personally I am against them as I don't think that they will prevent terrorists/criminals from going about their business. History has shown that these types of people will always find some way to forge the cards or obtain the real thing on false pretences.

That leaves us with all our records held centrally by the government and once again history has shown that you can't always trust the goverment not to misuse data like this for purposes that it wasn't intended for - think government special advisors digging up the political affiliations of survivors of the Hatfield train crash in case they started to bad mouth in the press.

Finally, I sure as fcuk ain't going to pay £70+ quid for some political types to invade my privacy any further.


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Against it - forgeries will soon appear, and the only ones inconvenienced will be the poor saps who leave them at home or lose them, and get fined by the plod. It will make old ladies even more scared to leave home.

Think of the ban on handguns - that has really stopped gun crime, hasn't it?
I'm amazed - people here want more control over their own lives or more State control over them?


I'm a newbie here, but have spent long enough at Rinteln and Wegburg to know that ID has been mandatory in Germany, since before we, the British, handed it back to the Germans!

Boys, are you still puzzled as to why all these refugees are not satisified to settle once they cross into the EU ?

We have the most lax identity and benefit system in Europe, this in turn enables every other form of fraud. No wonder they are so determined to get here. You can be sure that what APACS is telling Auntie BBC represents only the tip of the iceberg. Why is no one else in EEC bothered about this? perhaps its only because we the Brits, and the Irish to a lesser degree are the only ones without realistic identity rules.

I attended an NHS presentation about 6 years ago that told us the West African Organised Crime was costing Uk alone £19bn per year. How many theatre slots in UK are taken up by other EU nationals who have come over here just to get treatment they can not get at home.

... the government will spy on me....??
Get real!!
they can't even spy on criminals and terrorists properly.
Until we get a recognised ID card, not only will comedy terrorists continue to thrive, refugees, fraudsters and scroungers will continue to back their trucks up to UK's doors and drive away with truck loads of our tax pounds.

Compare ratios between these developed nations and see what this wasted money could do to boost our medical services!!

Your civil rights are being invaded?, what about the pensioner waiting down the corridor on a trolley :x


95% of the posters on here have carried an ID Card all their service life and I am sure it hasn't infinged their civil liberties! Might have cost the £50 losing it once or twice!

If it helps control the tidal wave of asylum seekers cluttering up Kent and the functions of the NHS, it can't be a bad thing! Also if you can use it as a driving lincence and passport, bring them on!

The french and Jerries swear by theirs!

Not if they're TA they haven't - see the CGS column in this month's SoldierMag.

All for it if it will stop some lazy f**ks claiming for more than they should be entitled to, take the excuses away from the b4stards who sell fags and booze to underage kids etc. The driving license has been an unofficial ID card for years and only recently been of any real use when it was given a photo.

As for the lame bunch who scream it'll curtail their civil liberties? If a citizen wants civil rights they should also know that they have 'civil obligations'. There aren't many compared with some other countries and being able to prove you are who you say you are isn't much to ask.

After all, who, appart from someone up to no good would want to say they are someone other than they really are?

That could bring me to sugest that anyone who campaigns against ID cards should be arrested..... they must have something to hide eh?
Plant-Pilot said:
After all, who, appart from someone up to no good would want to say they are someone other than they really are?
I quite agree PP. The only trouble is, people will always find a way of beating the system. A program on the BBC the other week showed the reporter obtaining all sorts of ID in David Blunketts name - and it wasn't hard to do.

They can shove the fee up their arrse though.
Good idea in principle, all for it if it stops fraud, illegal immigration etc...


In this great and wonderful country of ours do you really think it can work!

Given the choice between pursuing some toe-rag through court for not having one, or sticking a £125,000 fine on some old granny with Alzheimers who's wandering about and has left it at home, which one do you think our wonderful legal system will go for?

Won't get medical care without one? So when some Albanian and 50 of his mates turn up at casualty and start demanding treatment they'll politely leave if they don't have ID? More likely the Nurse will be hauled off and charged with racially aggravated something or other for daring to ask. My partner works in the NHS and has met several extremely similar looking individuals all getting £3000 worth of antibiotics for TB. All with valid ID with obviously false DOB etc. kindly provided by HMG, so why should the new ID be any different?

Just an excuse to get £70 off the law abiding, no one else will bother and go unpunished, and we have yet another little law to harrass the average bloke in the street.

Bunch of Arrse!
Is that the National Insurance card that was made of toilet paper and disintegrated on contact with human flesh? :)

I'm for it! Bring it on! One card to act as ID, Driving Licence, Passport et al MUST be the way ahead! It is only the leftie, lesbian, one-eyed, negroid benefit scrounging asylum seekers who have anything to fear! Sorry if I'm generalising!

The only reservation I have is over the quality of the picture? Can I choose the best one from a dozen? You won't believe how unphotogenic I can be! :wink:
Judging by the amount of shiney arsed desk jockeys who wear their company ID cards around their fat necks when they go to Starbucks etc. for lunch and to the pub for the evening sesh, there may be wide acceptance of ID cards among those who would have you believe otherwise.

I did ask an anti ID card mate of a mate why he carried his bank ID in his wallet ( dead obvious when he opened it to get his cash) when he was on holiday ( though he called it "leave") and wouldn't be at work for another two weeks. Couldn't supply an answer.

Knob! :wink:
Plant-Pilot said:
The driving license has been an unofficial ID card for years and only recently been of any real use when it was given a photo.
PP - even then it is not much good against a serious fraudster. New Zealand went over to a compulsory photo drivers licence 3 1/2 years ago - much to the howls from the civil libertarians and those who did not want to cough the dosh for the swap from the old paper licence. The new photo licence has become the defacto national ID card. A recent crack down in Christchurch over a short period of time netted 900 forged licences - mainly being used by under-aged-drinkers to get in to pubs and clubs.

If UK went over to carrying a ID card then the security and the ability of any when checking it to verify it's validity must be improved otherwise it will become a waste of space in your wallet, only inconveniencing 'honest' people

Australia tried to introduce an ID card about 15-20 years ago - an attempt which was defeated by the Government Opposition and one John Howard - who of course now as Prime Minister is trying to look at ways to do a massive U turn
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