ID Cards

Why the irrational fear.

Never read the full article couldn’t be ARRSed but it did miss out on the female menstruation thingy. We all know that retina scans for girls fail on those few days when we blokes suffer in Hell. Yes?

Also I could easily copy your prints with some super glue and a wine-gum.
Reason being I allready have a passport and photocard driving licencese.
What do I need another form of id for? especially one that then enables any government ageny to access data held by another automatically, and yeah I know they say they won't....

Does this info need to be held in one card, especially given the ineptitude of goverment agencies and IT systems.

Un-neccesary expence for zero result

You'll be telling us next that fingerprints and DNA are infallable proof of guilt......
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