ID cards used to pick on ethnics....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality said "The cards will not be compulsory to carry but the CRE is pointing out that black people are eight more times more likely than white people to be subjected to police stop-and-search powers, and Asians three times more likely.

    On Tuesday, Mr Phillips said there had yet to be a proper race impact assessment on the plans.

    He said ethnic minority groups were uneasy"


    "Muslims might be among those who could feel the cards were another way of picking on a particular community."

    This prat phillips gets paid as well !!! I always get the impression that if there isn't a racial problem on any particular day phillips will invent one.
  2. Basically, his remit is to say that if I can play the 'race card' in any situation, I will. And he does. That's what he gets paid for and does a 'good' job 8O

    Doesn't mean you, I or the Dagenham Girl Pipers agree with it.
  3. So essentially, Mr Phillips (once a journo), has failed to grasp:

    a) Yardies tend to be of Afro-Caribbean origin
    b) Nigerian con-men tend to be be African
    c) Ghanain ditto
    d) Drug related gun crime is mostly committed by young black men
    e) Most immigration overstayers are from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia
    f) Al-Qaeda et al are rarely white Christian women

    I suspect that the police will stop anyone who is behaving suspiciously, including white chavs, pikeys, East European mafia types and other scum.
  4. And obviously, unless I've lost it, everyone will be painted green, because ID card or not, you SEE the colour of a person BEFORE you ask to see the ID card, so what will it encourage? other than right minded HONEST individuals to always have their ID on them.....

    Please someone clarify this for men, flu eating brain.

  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I myself am opting for the lightest shade of green......

  6. A dappled, pastel camouflage might be nice......... :wink:
  7. apart from the ID card thing..... allegedly (so they said on the news earlier) the government were (allegedly) trying to intervene on arranged marriages within the UK and there would be some sort of law aiming to be passed saying this has to stop.
    Its a strange kettle of fish innit, if we in the UK have laws, then everyone should abide by them, no matter what race, colour etc..... cos if we as UK citizens choose to live abroad then we surely have to abide by the laws of the country we choose to live in......... Don't we?
    Confused of Exeter. :?

    Added, (on topic) I'm all for the ID cards, we got cards for everything else, and if we have nothing to hide it should'nt be a problem anyhow. Just an extra piece of plastic, one more won't make that much difference to the weight in the purse or wallet.
  8. This is how my simple brain thinks if everybody carried an ID card, something the majority of us arrse users do, how could it be unfair to anybody, it is not as if it is a different card for different ethnic origins, religion, sexual orientation etc. i feel that some people look for things that are not there
  9. It's not arranged marriages that are being targeted, the term being used is forced marriages. The difference being that the Bride is forced, against her will into the marriage. A world of difference.

    I can see some uses for ID. It would help in reducing under-age drinking, etc. I realise that the cards could be forged, but that places the offence onto the person holding the forged card, rather than the bar-staff (as an example).

    I was in San Francisco last year and went to a Red Bull FlugTag, went to get a beer and got challanged for ID. Because I didn't have any on me I could get any. Wouldn't be so bad, but I'm 40! :oops: 8O
  10. As long as i dont have to pay for my id card i dont care wether i have one or not .I think police have enough excuses to pick on ethnics with or without id cards if there that way inclined .
  11. How are you going to tell which marriages are "forced" and which are "arranged"?

    The Bride ain't exactly going to be forthcoming about which is which is she.
  12. There are some. The same goes for alot of crime, if someone gets beaten up but doesn't make a complaint, the police can't do anything.

    There are alot of arranged marriages that do work, just because it's different to the way we do things doesn't make it un-workable.