ID Cards Rebellion? The New Poll Tax?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by caubeen, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Under the FOI Act, the Sunday Times have seen documents suggesting the government expects 15m to rebel against any imposition of ID Cards.

    I know Forces' members have a rather different perspective on this from civvies - but are ID Cards a government intrusion too far?
  2. I quite agree Caubeen, that Service personnel may think "what's the problem?", however they (and me "back in the day") carry a card which is issued to them free of charge as part of the terms of employment. I carried one and now carry a Warrant Card, again issued free of charge by my employer. Therefore if I'm compelled to carry it I can't moan because I didn't pay for it.

    I think what grips alot of people's sh1t over this is the fact that Neu Arbeit have come out with this (probably fatally flawed) scheme and are expecting the man on the Clapham Omnibus to flash the cash for it. It's a similar argument soldiers come out with over TRFs and Stable Belts; if we have to have one, issue it free. If you want to charge for it, make it voluntary.

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  4. Not only that but dont forget regardless of warrent cards or MOD 90! They intend everyone to have an ID card, If it was not for the fact that we know that they will be forged almost as quick as the goverment brings them out?

    How long before the datebase is broke compromised sold off too a third party!!
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  7. The majorty of serious ID card objectors are more concerned by the database behind the cards than by the cards themselves. There have already been proposals from the government that marketing companies should be granted access to the database (cheques payable to The Labour Party please).

    Having said that, I'd wager a part of my body of your choice that the ID card will never see the light of day. It would be the biggest database project in the world - and New Labour will be running it. Hence it's doomed.

    The Tories have let it be known that they will cancel the ID card project as soon as they get into office so potential suppliers are rapidly losing interest.

    Ian Paisley has a better chance of becoming the next pope than we have of being issued with ID cards.
  8. We whine in this country continually about illegal immigrants, terrorists and other unwanteds moving silently through our ranks yet when something is done about it we all (or a significant proportion of us) say no.

    Beggars belief. The only people who have anything to fear from carrying an ID card are those who have something to hide - hey presto, system working already.

    I do not agree with our having to buy the little badgers though, yet I do not have an answer to how to fund the scheme either (hence why I am a soldier and not a politician).

    Some food for thought is that when we all want to fcuk off and get wnakered on the costa brava we think nothing of providing our personal details to be entered onto a passport for some unwashed frog to scour through on the continent as he sees fit.....what's the difference?
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    There's also the fact that carrying any type of ID card is deeply un-British. If asked to prove my identity I could quote my service number, produce my drivers licence or my passport. Why on earth would I (or the state) need anything else?

    E-Layer, if you have nothing to hide could you PM me all of your personal details please? After all, if you've got nothing to hide etc.
  10. Elayer the problem as i see it is the Goverment will make a horses ass out of it.

    We supposedly have the system in place IE nation insurance numbers which we know is compromised, and does not work with regards too denying services or benifits to illegal immigrants!

    As was reported not 2 weeks ago the Passport office belives a third of passports issued in the last 12 months have gone to criminals and false applicats.

    So why is a national ID card system going too work! If it would truely work was secure and stop fraud crime and terrorism then i would be No probs but it wont unfortunatly!!
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    I have no issue with the carrying of (another) ID Card. I carried my MOD 90 without complaint and am not often without my driving licence which is a widely accepted form of ID.

    My complaint is the information that will be associated with it and its availability. I do not wish the local Off Licene to have access to be able to check my DofB (Link to possibilitys) for example.

    There has been no moves by the government to try to reassure the general public that the information associated with ID cards will be secure and restricted. Cost is another major factor. Having seen previous IT Projects (NHS/Benefits systems) and the proposed cost of the ID Card system, the only choice they have is to charge for a card which isn't wanted.

    Make sure you change your passport before 2010, after then ID Cards will be issued with any new/renewed passports (I'll try to find the link to this). This will of course push up the already expensive cost.

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  12. ...and it's availability to TLA American Agencies?
  13. I'm all for it. Any person who lives their lives within the law has nothing to fear. It needs to be foolproof however. The first thing I'd insist it be used for is to stop immigrants and thieves from claiming dole at more than one location.
  14. I am against the National ID Card Bill. My reasons are many and varied:

    The legislation was voted through on the basis that it would be voluntary. This was a lie and albeit initially the process is voluntary, in order to obtain a passport you must be in possession of a national ID Card.

    Not only this, certain services will only be authorised by the production of the National ID Card as with prescriptions. A very long way from my interpretation of voluntary.

    Costs were initially indicated to be £30.00 for a card remaining valid for a 10 year period. Due to changes in biometric information this has changed to 5 years whilst the cost is approximated at £85.00 per card and is spiralling. Look at the rise in passport costs. At current prices for a family of 4 this works out at £66.00 per passport at £264.00 per family. In addition the purchase of 4 x National ID Cards at a projected cost of £85.00 each equates to £340.00. So I am expected to shell out £604.00 every 5 years for this farce!!!!!

    ID protection and enhanced security have been quoted with regards to the inception of this Bill. RFID technology has already been "cracked" allowing duplication and manipulation of the data contained. The robustness of the RFID chip has been questioned, with swipe technology causing excessive damage to the chip, and replacement costs are borne by the individual. RFID life expectancy may be as low as 24 months and in the abscence of proper trials, is difficult to guage. The enhanced security would not have prevented the tube station atrocities. Home grown terrorism is the real threat now.

    The National ID Cards will be linked to an array of Government Databases displaying a whole variety of personnel information, from your last prescription to your latest credit card purchase. The childrens database will also be intrinsically linked displaying information on medical history, school reports etc. The potential for "total identity theft" and information abuse is frightening.

    All of the so called security measures are starting to mesh together, with 24 hour camera surveillance, satellite tracking via road charging, monitoring of all aspects of private purchasing, medical surveillance and the list goes on.

    Information is power, and with the correct information the Government can assume control over the individual either directly or indirectly.

    I am definately NOT a supporter of the National ID Card Bill, and I hope as the Orwellian model of society is imposed by Liarbour, the electorate wake up to insiduous and sinister nature these impositions bring.
  15. My bold *

    Do you honestly think that the whole project is not based on the lowest bidder.