ID Cards - Fail.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. bwhahahaaahhahaahhaahhah :twisted:
    only cost the berk £30 wish he had'nt been so keen to sign up now does'nt he twat.
    its a waste of cash won't achieve anything useful the huge database can't possibly work (not with the clowns hm gov employs anyway) But is a nationwide excuse for every little hitler to demand ze papers as a way of proving your not a terrorist :(
  2. IF Labour win the next election,just wait for this to become compulsory and as you say,B H,every little Hitler will be demanding to see your ID card.
  3. Yes... all those little town Hall Jobsworths, Parking Wardens and whoever in an official uniform... it will be a case of .. "Paperien bitte, Mien Herr.... bitte, Ihr Auswies.....!"
  4. I have a passport (with bio-metric chip)
    Driving License with photo part and my HGV digicard all 3 have my DOB, address, photo etc. so they can take a running jump if I've got to get an ID card as well.
    Won't have one, don't want one.
    And come 2014 I will have my DCPC card which I have too carry when at work.
  5. Sorry to sound ffik but what's that?
  6. Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence Card.
    35 hours training over a 5 year cycle, 7 hours per year training that is relevent for your job.
    Tacho law, Elf n safety, SAFED., etc.
    If PCV/HGV drivers don't complete the training then we lose our entitlement to work as "professional drivers".
  7. Thanks. Times have changed then, I took my HGV 1 strait from a standard dvrs licence in the 80s as part of my resettlement It lasted 10 years at the time. If I want it back now I'd have to do the whole course and test again.