ID cards = FAIL

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maguire, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Norman Eastwood, from Salford, and his wife Jeanette had booked a passage from Hull with P&O Ferries on Saturday. The ID card, which has been offered on a voluntary basis to the public in Greater Manchester as part of a limited trial since last month, is meant to allow travel across Europe as an alternative to a passport....

    ....P&0 carries 10 million passengers a year. If one of the UK's transport main carriers doesn't know the ID card is being trialled, then a huge communication breakdown must have taken place.

    A Home Office spokeswoman said P&O should have known about the ID card because it distributed information in the run-up to public trials. If P&O had paid a refund, then it must have been ferry firm's fault for not knowing, she argued.'

    how much of our money has been spent on this again?
  2. He's a Manc.Probably on a "wanted" list somewhere.Also the plan for ID cards is probably about to be binned.

  3. My bold

    Don't bet on it ...'Captain' Darling (in No.11) is reportedly going all wobbly on the idea of 'binning' it,probably beginning to realise what a nice little earner it could be..
  4. 'Don't bet on it ...'Captain' Darling (in No.11) is reportedly going all wobbly on the idea of 'binning' it,probably beginning to realise what a nice little earner it could be..'

    And how much extra information that they can put on it - like our DNA, for example...
  5. The latest I've heard is that from 2012 all new born babies will be micro-chipped!!!! Job jobbed! All your details for life (NHS No, NI No, etc). No need for registration changes like animals. Can you imagine. Police check point. Quick swipe and you're away!

    You never know!!! Big Bro is every where!! Said so on X-Files.
  6. Too expensive to chip, just bar coded using tattoo needles. Hmm, where else did they tattoo people for control and identity..........
  7. Not that much on the card. IIRC, the chips only hold about 2k of data.

    The problem is with the database behind the cards. It can hold anything the government wants it to hold. DNA, criminal record, religion, where your car has been in the last two years. The sky's the limit.

    Coppers and council jobsworths are now being issued with Blackberries and similar devices that can give them instant access to your details. Give the bin men an earful for not emptying your bins and they could find out that your car was parked outside Chardonnay's Massage Emporium for two hours last night.
  8. Well, at least it will save us all from Swine Flu.

    Sadly cynical, I know, but it is a repeatedly-observed phenomenon that people behave themselves far more when they think there's a chance they're being watched than they do when they think they can get away with things unnotticed.

    This was brought home to me in sharp relief by the difference in pedestrian experience between my last trip to London in the mid-90s and my first of the mid 00s. The differences? Traffic cameras everywhere and drivers who tended far more to obey the rules.
  9. He had a passport, why didn't he take that, just in case?

    Not that I'll ever have an ID card, but I'd prefer to use my passport for foreign travel anyway.
  10. The problem as Ancient Mariner has mentioned is not the cards but the control of the Database. Recent history has shown us that HM Gov does not take the Data protection act too seriously when it controls the data. There is also the potential of misuse of the data recorded, although with the current level of competence shown by both Gov and civil service this may not be a problem for those who flaunt the law.
  11. Your local council allready have quite a lot of info on people as it is , the other day I pinched my mates Blackberry for a while in the pub .As he works for the local council I had a dig about in his files and was amazed to see the info he had on it. he is a team leader on the clensing department and has all the info, complaints,ect from the bin men and even knows how often and how much contents are in my bins when they are emptied
  12. I still think it was a rare stroke of genius on the part of Labour to push 'ID cards', rather than the 'National Identity Database' - giving people the impression that the scheme involved harmless plastic cards rather than an MI5 file on every single person in the country.