ID cards available to the gullible in Greater Manchester

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GordonBrown, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Yes, I'm a sucker and would gladly pay the government to lose my personal Data.

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  2. No, poke it up your rusty starfish, postman Pat.

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  3. I would if it was free

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  4. I'm a terrorist and I think it would be a great Idea

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  1. ID cards available to people in Greater Manchester

    Only 1300 signed up for it out of a possible 1.7 million. Says it all really.
    People living in Greater Manchester have become the first UK residents able to buy an identity card.
    Anyone in the area who wants the £30 biometric ID card can enrol at passport offices or Manchester Airport. They can be used to travel passport-free across the EU, as displayed by the Home Secretary Alan Johnson as he travelled to Brussels on Sunday.
    The ID card should be available nationwide in 2011 or 2012, but it will not be compulsory. The government argues it will help combat identity fraud, crime and terrorism.
    Since applications opened a fortnight ago, 1,386 people living in Greater Manchester have requested an application form, out of an eligible population of 1.7m. Interviews started on Monday morning and the first cards will be issued within 10 days, officials said.
    The card is similar in look to a UK driving licence but holds more data, including two fingerprints and a photograph encoded on a chip. This chip and its unique number in turn links the card to a national identity register which, under current legislation, could hold more information about the identity of the individual.
    Mr Johnson said people in Manchester could now take advantage of the card "as a means to prove and protect their identity in a quick, simple and secure way".
    "It can be used by young people as a convenient and universal proof of age and as a credit card-sized alternative to the passport when travelling in Europe," he said.
    Phil Booth from campaign group NO2ID said the government's claim that an ID card was a "handy alternative" to a passport was "bogus".
    "You have to have one already so you will pay another £30 and set yourself up for a lifetime of fees, penalties and compliance," he said.
    "Once you are on the database you will be obliged to update Whitehall's register on you for the rest of your life."
    A Home Office spokesman said ID cards will be available to anyone with a "valid or recently expired passport".
    "So anyone renewing their passport who plans to travel just within Europe can pay £30 for an ID card instead of £77.50 for a passport," he said.
    "But we are keen to include everyone in this exciting new scheme, and will look at including those who have never had a passport as soon as we possibly can."
    In June, the Home Office dropped plans to make the ID card compulsory for 200,000 airport workers amid widespread opposition from inside the industry that it would do nothing to improve the security procedures already in place.
    This means only some foreign nationals are currently obliged to hold a card.
    The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and civil rights campaigners say ID cards are a waste of money and will not improve national security.
    The scheme is said to cost £5bn, although the London School of Economics estimates it will cost between £10bn and £20bn.

    Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have said they would abolish ID cards if they win the next election.
  2. I await the first terrorist attack in the UK by someone holding an officially-issued ID card.
  3. I'm tempted with the 30 quid for a passport. Not 77. Don't worry I don't want to leave the EU.
  4. I await the first laptop/usb stick to be left on a train where all the data is sold to some Russian crim or one of our fine Newspapers.
  5. Would it be valid in non EU countries in Europe such as Switzerland?........I believe they have some nice minarets to see.
  6. I wonder how many of those 1,386 ID Card aplicants are from relatively new Britons?
    Not an immigration rant, I'm just curious if there is a particular slice of society that feels they will be of benefit.
  7. Nice to see that they are being issued in England :)
  8. I have also seen a tech article somewhere that the storage system on the card had been hacked and can be read while its still in your wallet.
    How long before they are all withdrawn after being cloned.
  9. How many of these are young folk without driving licenses?
  10. Didn't all the Madrid bombers have valid Spanish ID cards?
  11. I believe so. It'll be interesting to see when the first application with "suicide bomber" or "drug dealer" crossed out and something else filled in on the occupation box. Because apparently criminals and terrorists are that stupid.
  12. Doesn't even say that much. All it says is how many asked for an application form. The number who have actually applied is conspicuously absent.

    Those twats really are going to stick this out to the bitter end, aren't they!
  13. That's what I don't get.

    You've already fcuking lost the next election, and the Tories are going to scrap the entire scheme. Stop pouring money into this!