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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rugbyluke, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. I have been told I won't get my id card till after I passed cic. My question is, I live right next to hms sultan who have a large gym and swimming pool is there any way I can get into the base without a mod 90 that shows I'm part of the mod?
  2. You could try asking your Unit for a "Chit in Leiu" (a temp paper based ID card).

    Not sure if HMS SULTAN would let you use their gym for free, but I suppose if you don't ask, you don't get! :)
  3. Jump over the fence, it will improve your run time.
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  4. Let's get this straight. You're a part-timer (not yet trained) and want a MOD 90 so you can hang around a gym and and be in a pool full of seamen?

    That's the gayest thing I've ever heard of.
  5. Tell me that the "pool of seamen" thing was deliberate.....
  6. Alan Partridge is right, ask your PSAO/Sqn Clerk if they would issue you a Chit in Lieu. It can be issued for a temporary period of time. Just make sure you hand it back in as it's an accountable document that requires your signature. Don't lose it. I should imagine, they will be enquiring as to why you require it, say that you will be using the sports facilities at HMS SULTAN to better your physical standard. Plus you will require one for your course attendance.

  7. B_AND_T

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    How many times is this question going to be asked?
  8. As TA you are classed as civvie whenever you are not training, therefore you will probably have to go through a lengthy security clearance procedure and pay apprx £25 to cover your insurance whilst using the facilities. It may be different for Naval facilities.
  9. Potato

  10. Play nicely Smudger xx
  11. Why?

    Why doesn't the OP phone up the PTI/Gym types at Sultan and see what he needs to get on camp AND to use the gym. RAF camp near me let me join their gym for £5 to cover the swipe card.

    (Yes Smudge; I used to use a gym!)
  12. It was. Andrew may be full of *******, but I doubt if they have enough **** between them to have a pool full of seamen semen :-D
  13. HHH

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    Dress like this and just walk in !

  14. Or like this:


    Good legends never die...
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  15. Do you actually use the gym or just ruck up in the off chance that there is some fit WRAFs in there, and stand by the weights kissing the guns!
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