ID card issue

If Ive posted in the wrong section I apologise.

But, I've got a slight problem, I've lost my ID and due on a flight from Brize tomorrow. My passport is still in my possession, if that makes any difference.

Just spoke to the company clerk over Facebook, however all I can get out of him is "Go to a careers office and get a chit", not much help on a Friday night, added to the fact my train is at half 9 tomorrow morning. He also said "normally for raf flights you require a serviceable id card", I can't get too much more out of him since he's sunning in the depths of Asia.

So if any one can shed light on this situation, I'd greatly appreciate it. Will I be ok with just my passport until I can get to Cyprus and sort my life out, or, am I royally buggered.


Here's an idea, call your unit and speak to the picquet sgt or orderly officer and explain the situation.


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You will NOT be able to fly without a serviceable MoD90. An F Ident 693 (Chit in Lieu) is not accepted. Your unit can order a new MoD90 on Monday and mark it as "Operationally Urgent" and it'll arrive in 1 - 3 days.

So basically, you're buggered.
Might want to use this time to turn your place over and see if you can find it...

When did you last definitely have it, where have you been since then etc.


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I swear one of the lads from my unit, who lost his MOD90, got issued a chit in lieu from the RAOWO to return to the UK via crab air.
We've had at least one person refused a flight because he'd lost his MoD90. We tried the F Ident 693 but no joy.
Lovely. Cheer's for the help.

Just spoke to one of the lads, he got back on an earlier trooper last week with a chit. My problem being I don't even have a chit.
I'll make a few phone calls anyway, worse case, I'm on the same flight as the CSM so hopefully he can square me away somehow.

Guess I should start packing my exercise kit for rippers now though.

Last place I definitely had it was salisbury on exercise. But I check all my kit again to be sure.
You wont leave the UK on crab air with even a chit. You can get home but not out. I'd take some vaseline with you while trying to sort things out as the shafting may be hard
Well, like I said one of the lads managed it the other day. But ill just have to give the CSM a ring, let him know what's going on.

Worse case Ill fly out on a civvi flight, sooner that than rippers.
Just to keep you updated, got on the flight.

A bit of a fuss, had to get a pass to get in the front gate, bit busy due to a lot of families being at brize, after that, went to check in, told them I had no ID, checked me in anyway and said to wait at the flight liaison desk. Got a chit there and then and flew back.

Whether that was because of the nature of the flight I'm unsure, but it was just a standard trooper to Aki.

Just to help any lads in a similar position in the future.

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