ID Card Fun.......(£2500 fines)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Greg S, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. Clarke to press on with ID cards

    "The Home Office says people will pay £85 for a passport and ID card together or a undecided fee for a separate ID card.

    The first cards would be issued in 2008 and when he was introducing the bill, Mr Blunkett suggested Parliament could decide in 2011 or 2012 whether to make it compulsory for everybody to own the cards, although not to carry them.

    And there will be civil penalties including a fine of up to £1,000 fine for people who fail to say they have moved house or changed other details and of up to £2,500 for failing to sign up if the cards become compulsory.

    The scheme will be overseen by a new independent watchdog."

    Oh great, so we all pay 85 quid to have civil liberties taken away from us, plus it will be run by a 'independent watchdog'. I'm sorry but giving people fines of 2500 quid if they don't sign up just isn't on..........this country has turned from British homeland to Marxist state!!!!

    We all need to ask ourselves do these ********* in power represent the British public? Or are they trying to make a 'United Kingdom of America' (with 'new age' marxist values).............

    I feel a storm brewing..........
  2. I would doubt the legality of having to pay for an ID card. Everything the government can rip you off for is optional (except tax?). You don't have to buy a passport or a driving license if you don't want, you can choice not to travel or drive.

    I would be suprised if it cost them as much as is stated, especially if you consider the price of other licensing. From driving to firearms, all of which require additional ID checks.

    Usually Blairite sh1te
  3. Presumably refusal to pay results in doing a stretch?

    They can pay for me then.
  4. Why? They make the laws and we have to follow them. If they decide to make you pay then thats what you'll have to do.

    That is an option but are you really suggesting you're prepared to limit your life in this way?
  5. I don't honestly see the problem with ID cards, everyone gets on their high horse about big brotherisms and marxist states.
    How many of you would travel without ID, even within the UK where it's not really needed?
    For anyone around their early twenties carrying ID is normal to deal with arsey shopkeepers. It's not really an issue. Most people do it anyway, so why not standardise it and make it compulsary? It won't limit your rights, but it might make things easier in certain scenarios. And hopefully it will limit the rights of spongers.
  6. Errr it comes down to freedom of choice. Are you happy with no freedom and no choice???? 8O
  7. It's not the fact the we object to carrying round a card to ID us (we already do, Driving liscence, birth certficate, passport, NI card, etc etc)

    Why do we need another one?

    Also, its the fact that this new card will have a gret deal more information on us than anyother card has. This could be used misused by anyone with access to the Dbase (and yes, it DOES happen!)

    agent smith
  8. I could don my tinfoil hat and mention RFID also.....
  9. I must admit that I spent along time carrying an ID Card and found it very useful banks trains etc. As a law abiding citizen i would have no problem carrying an ID Card. It would be useful for police to be able to check identities for the not so law abiding such as crims, illegal imigrants and such and therefore as long as it was free to legal UK citizens and was not able to be forged easily then no problem. However the idear that i will be forced in to paying for one just so that i can prove i am not a crim or illegal does get up my nose a bit. Lets face it as the stop and search laws are so bloody hard for a plod to be able to enforce these days as it effects civil rights and or but I'm an ethnic minority or a juvanile who wouldn't do anything wrong, well apart from rob anything to feed the heroin habbit, the only people getting crapped on will be us the good citizen again. :evil: And I know dame well that all the doley scum will get theres for free paid for by guess who? Yes we the employed tax paying citizen on good old open the doors and let them in blighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  10. I understand agent smiths point, we do have a fair bit to carry around. But noone has to do they? So those of us who are law abiding citizens do and everythings fine, those who don't carry, get 7 day thingies and don't show, there's no way to keep track.

    To be honest, freedom of choice isn't an issue to me, not on this anyway. I'll sacrifice the space in my wallet normally reserved for my Private eyes vip card (edinburgh zoo) for the new un, if it means that spongers aren't getting support and the bobbies have a better chance of keeping on top of folk. Freedom of choice issues will bother me when the govm't tells me to do something that will change the way I live day to day, so far they haven't. Thank flock I quit smoking!

    End of the day, if they're going to do it that's it. But I won't be whinging, why should I? I have nothing to hide so I'll carry the bugger. And A-S, if those folk want that information on me, they're welcome to it, if you're that way inclined you can probably get your hands on it anyway.

    I see your points, but think about how it will actually affect you personally.
  11. do you wan tto have to pop down the cop shop to register each time you move on pain of a fine .its horlicks dole scroungers and immigrants can have one if someone thinks it would help crime ,but,why should i have to fork out £85 quid plus however much it costs to change data
    so some burocrat can laugh at my personal details .
    Its exspensive ,It wont work ,Its intrusive ,And it wont stop
    one terrorist .TIme to join the hippies and fight this
    oh well washings overrated :lol:
  12. Thing is old man.... It won't stop spongers getting anything.

    The ones who do faff all will get their card free and the ones on the double will too and still pick up their "wages" cash-in-hand in the same manner as they've always done.

    I will never carry a "national ID card" in the form proposed. If that mails jail or an extended trip overseas... so be it.

    Of course one of the advantages (the advantage?) of living in N.I. is that about 40% of the population won't touch anything that says "UK Citizen ID Card" including the odd Member of the House.... So they'll be needing a bigger Big House than Magiligan.
  13. RTFQ


    Unfortunately, the people who need to be kept track of will simply not apply for one, the same way many of them don't pay council tax, drive while disqualified and receive benefit when ineligible. Although punitive measures are available to be enforced, they're not used. I have no dramas carrying an ID card (er, MOD 90 anyone?) because I have nothing to hide. The moment I feel the ****s in government are going all staliny on me then I'll be the first one at the armoury dishing out the gats and training the lass in the finer points of ANS production. I'm not scared of the ID card, I just don't think it will work.
  14. Oh how I wish you were right but frankly most sheeple I talk to don't have a problem with id cards. Until I tell them about the expense, how government creeps legislation, how identify theft will work better because everyone will 'believe' the id card. And if they don't believe the id card what's the fcuking point of having them?

    So we can rip off the honest people even more.

    sh1ts sh1ts sh1ts - all of them. However, I have zapped a fax off to him via
    He isn't my MP so I used the post code NR1 1AA
  15. The thing is mate the government is affecting loads of people personally, first they stir things up with the country folk and now I'm hearing rumours of banning fishing (animal cruelty apparently).

    If your a chav, pikey, immigrant, gay, or general degenerate your classed as a minority and treated well.

    No point putting your head in the sand...