Id be out there with em if it werent for...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by NVG_Goatman, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Flatfooted?

    In the past 65 years, have reasons not to join the army got any better? What are the best reasons you've heard from people who would have joined the army 20 years ago but somehow just didn't.

    My favorites:

    "Applied to and passed P Coy/Comando Course/THEM Selection, but didn't take my place in the regiment as I don't beleive in violence."

    Injured knee spiralled wildly out of controll, yet somehow is OK now.

    "Couldn't be arsed with all the yes-sir no-sir rubbish."
  2. I've just recently heard a bloke who left before finishing training saying that he decided that it wasn't challenging enough as a career and he wanted a more demanding job. :?
  3. What's wrong with civvie's not wanting to join the army because of the "Yes Sir/No Sir rubbish?"
    Seems like a perfectly understandable reason for a civvie not to join up.
  4. Not really got the hang of this NAAFI Bar lark have you?
  5. I read in a book some time ago that a war veteran minus a leg and now fitted with a false one and been discharged had been re-called on protesting about his leg he was told that didnt matter the Wehrmacht was now fully mechanized :D
  6. When i went home on leave and told all my mates about the great times i was having in the Navy, going foreign and on ops. One lad who was the school f_ckwit piped up that he went to the Army careers office and they told him he was over qualified with his 2 o levels!

    I said to him i think they were being sarcastic with him, but he was adamant he was over qualified as you dont need any qualifications to join the forces!!
  7. But it seems like a bit of a shame to hear it from someone who "Would have joined..." Given that for a lot of people it's a minor obstacle. I spose it might be horses for courses.
  8. I know a few people who didn't join when they heard it might be Yes Ma'am / No Ma'am :twisted:
  9. I've met a 26 year old who couldn't bring himself to join when he heard there'd be 21 year olds issuing him orders.

  10. Hey, Roadster, just call Markintime a cnut. Everyone else does
  11. The most common one I've heard is:

    "I'd have joined.... only I don't like taking orders from anyone".

    This is usually said by someone who gets told what to do every day anyway, usually by some bland middle management type at his local Pizza Express / Sainsburys / Fitness First centre.
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    "...I look just terrible in green"
  13. Green is soooooo 90's
  14. " I would have joined but didn't want to get my head blown off "

    I'm sure that's probably the most honest reason for not joining :wink:
  15. After cadets and Uni, I looked into it with the RAF and the Army. Nothing really took my fancy though.

    But when I landed a good job paying more than a Lt/Plt Offr would earn, I admit the pound signs lit up in my eyes and I stopped looking into it.

    I regret it now, but having had a persistent medical condition which would have surfaced whilst serving, I would have been out 6-7 years ago anyway, and probably worse off than I am now. So maybe I made the right decision after all.

    (Cured now, due to new techniques of surgery, that were unavailable back then)