ID an old smock

Just to give everyone a break from PCS and "down and out" Im needing a bit of help identifying a smock I've got.

The label reads:

Smock Combat
Size 2
Nato Size 6070/9505

Compton Sons Webb Ltd

I'll get a picture in soon but any ideas? I realise it's probably one from 1994 but was curious.


That's my ******* Sons Webb Ltd smock, you gloating tea leaf!

Look carefully and you will see it says 'Private Compton'.

(never fitted well tbh)
Just as well it's green and not desert DPM, otherwise you wouldn't of had a ******* clue.


No; he asked a ******* stupid question, instantly had the piss ripped and tried to distract from his own stupidityness by attempted rudery.
Not really. Trying to establish when it was on issue and putting up with your usual "pithy" remarks.
Can't you tell?
It will be a 1968 pattern combat smock. Button cuffs, full poplin lining, bum flap at the back?

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