ID a bayonet?


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Its one of those things that has been kicking around the place for yonks. Belonged to an officer of Probyns Horse who served in Burma in WW2. I’m not sure if tankies were issued with bayonets. But the old boy brought all sorts back, so it may not have been issued to him. He may have borrowed it.

The blade profile is an X shape. Four edges, not 3 like some WW1 bayonets I have seen. And there is a clip on top moved with a small, knurled button. Number 12730 on the finger guard. It has a metal scabbard.

Any info much appreciated. Cheers.

French 1886 model Lebel bayonette, WW1 & WW2 vintage though that would be an early model as the later fittings were you have a WW1/Pre Great War one there

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