ICT Infrastructure Support Officer - Cambridgeshire

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by indigo, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Theres an ICT Infrastructure Support Officer position just gone out for advertisement at my place of work. It would suit someone with a couple of years experience of ICT Support, but if you've got some training, your head screwed on the right way and not shy of some graft, get an application in. PM me for other info if you're interested.

    Advertisement details:

    Interested in ICT Infrastructure?

    We are looking for an Infrastructure Support Officer to join our ICT Team. It’s not a task for Atlas who had to support the heavens on his shoulders but one that can be achieved using more modest physical strength. It does require perspicacity, perseverance and perceptiveness, a customer focus and technical competence.

    Experience of providing desktop support in a Windows environment
    A good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
    A good working knowledge of a help desk system and associated processes
    A relevant qualification or appropriate experience in a similar role
    The ability to provide a high quality customer service
    The ability to work with other people in a team
    Self motivation and a pro-active approach to the work.

    Responding to help desk calls
    Identifying and solving user issues and problems
    Configuring and installing PCs, Laptops and peripheral devices
    Tracking and recording hardware and software assets
    Loading business application client software
    Maintaining the relevant parts of the infrastructure
    Providing advice and assistance to users and other ICT staff
    Providing reports and information about the infrastructure.

    If you need further details or to discuss any aspects of the work please contact Geoff Sissons, 01954 713282, geoff.sissons@scambs.gov.uk or Paul Grainger, 01954 713294, paul.grainger@scambs.gov.uk

    For an application pack, please use the links to the right or telephone 01954 713238/713245 (answer phone) quoting the Post Reference S3E.12. Applications can be submitted by using the on-line application form, by e mail to recruitment@scambs.gov.uk or by post.

    Applications to be submitted through the following link