Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Quinn, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Anyone got the pre ICSC recommended and compulsory reading lists?
  2. It's on the JCSC interweb site somewhere - I vaguely recall seeing it.

    Gen Rupert Smith's book "The Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World (2005, ISBN 0-7139-9836-9)" is popular (amongst the DS), and may be useful background reading.

    PM me if totally stuck and I'll do some more research.
  3. ...or you could read Martin Van Crefeld (1991), The Transformation of War, which said basically the same thing 14 years earlier.

    You could always make up your own list. Here's a starter for 10:

    Edward Luttwak (2002), Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace (HUP: London)
    Philip Windsor (2002), Strategic Thinking: An Introduction and Farewell (Boulder: London)
    John Baylis et al (2007), Strategy in the Contemporary World (OUP: Oxford)
    John Baylis, Steve Smith (2006) The Globalization of World Politics (OUP: Oxford)
    John Young, John Kent (2004), International Relations Since 1945 (OUP: Oxford)
  4. Green eggs and ham
    Dr Seuss
    Random House, 1960
  5. Incidentally, probably sucking eggs but don't buy books, order them up from ALS (link on ArmyNet).
  6. As a member of ICSC 2 (the big one!!) can I offer the following:

    If the guide says scim = ignore
    Familiar = scim
    Know = read
    In depth = read and make notes

    If you are not given the lead for a discssion then scim the subject the night before or have a pint instead. Rely on the syndicate and your own experience to bluff your way through.

    Work smart not hard!
  7. I second Loggie. Ther's so much rubbish to read - just pick out will answer the question you have to survive in the SRD. I heartily recommend saving your reading until CLs.
  8. No Lead - No Read
  9. Or in some cases it is even simpler - No read, no read!