ICSC(L) - the advice you could have been told but werent...

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Forever_Brunswick_Green, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. OK, this is a different spin to the other ICSC(L) post - very interesting as it is (even the dripping was generally high quality!) - my question is:

    If there is one single bit of advice that you wish you had been given before you started, what would it be?

    For example, before I reported on day one of my (what IS the opposite of illustrious?) career, my father, with 22 years of experience behind him, offered me this gem: "If you have to polish your boots when you're wearing them, don't forget to do the heels..."
  2. When the initial briefs state how you'll have a great quality of life, able to spend the evenings getting home to bath the kids etc, ignore it.

    Manage your expectations, its a career course to place you into a quartile among your peer group, and you will regularly work late at night and sometimes through the weekends.
  3. Or not...............

    Depends entirely upon your expectations and which quartile you are aspiring to reach.

    Tip 2 - A USB mouse comes in handy, especially for term 2
  4. Treat all DS as GENFOR. Everything is assessed
  5. Even if the DS aren't qualified or competent to assess it!!!!
  6. FBG - are you off there in Sep........

    If so see you there - Advice i have been given by a previous Instr was get some practice of SNB if you've not done them before.
    Work hard during the week and the weekends shall be yours is also apparently true.
  7. Yep, September it is - daft old tankie LE with solar panel, that's me...

    What WOULD also be useful is a lst of ICSC acronyms, abbreviations and TLAs - I thought I was a bit of a guru at these until I read the other threads! SNB???
  8. SNBE - Short Notice Brief(ing) Exercise

    Basically - here's a load of stuff to read, some relevant, most not - precis and deliver a 10 min verbal brief. There are also a couple of similar but the end product is a written brief.

    My one piece of advice would be the statement from the new Director of B Division - 'It's only a course'.

  9. How about:

    Make sure you do the maths tests before attending. Reality is that all of the maths could be done on an abacus or mobile phone. And being told not to worry about the Level 2 assesment - the marks that carry 50% of the total course mark, decided by somebody of the same rank (in most cases) as you. So what? Do not fall out with your DS, and do not fight the shite (white).
  10. Take a bicycle and make sure your pencil is sharpened both ends.
  11. My advice would be.....

    Get on the good side of your DS.
    Beware of the 'Coursemen'
    Definitely take a bike
    Work as much on your FAs as your FEs
    Don't think the DS know the answers (even when in the pink)
    Don't do remedial maths
    Don't take it too seriously
  12. FA & FE? - asked in a not-too-serious manner...
  13. msr

    msr LE

    And a Hi-Vis vest....
  14. I'll be living in the Sad Man's Hotel during the week - I take it bikes are only reqd by Pads on the patch? :?
  15. Bikes are just handy to get to lunch ahead of everyone else!

    FE (Formal Evaluation), FA (Formal Assessment - Level 2)
    Cse 3b had 9 FEs I believe, 4a had 5 but you still do the old FEs except they're cunningly called FA and forme part of your DS's 25%.

    And I'm back in the room...