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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Interceptor, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. I did ICSC(L) in 2005/6 and I've been civvy for eighteen months. Clearly the course met it's aim of reinvigorating me for a career in the military.

    I'm trying to find the right form of words to describe the course on my CV, as it covers a significant part of the year and I want my CV to look like I was involved in some professional development during my career.

    Last year I found a job in the defence industry and they pretty much knew exactly what kind of quantity I was and my CV was barely looked at. Now I'm looking for new work and I want to polish the CV.

    How does this look:

    Successfully completed a 32-week leadership and management course designed to prepare students for appointments and careers in military management. The course focused on delivering the following core outputs: enhanced powers of analysis that can be sustained under pressure; improved ability to handle detail and complexity; developed powers of communication, both oral and written; increased knowledge and understanding of Defence, and of Land business in particular, set within historical, global, geo-political and wider Government, and wider Defence context.
  2. Perhaps someone on here can furnish you with the stated aim of the course (if there was one (there certainly didnt seem to be one when I did it)). This you could translate to/embellish for civspeak for your CV.

    Good luck.
  3. It clearly didn't teach you how to use an apostrophe correctly.
  4. me neither you dull cu'nt
  5. To be fair getting your 'its' mixed up is pretty embarrassing...
  6. That's nothing, I once spelt liaison incorrectly. Now that's embarrassing.

    I find a little sarcasm now and again helps with perspective.
  7. I'd argue that in civvy speak ICSC(L) equates to a course in senior management. Furthermore, uppercase Land only has meaning to some Defence employers. The rest will find it meaningless or eccentric.

    Good luck and ignore the DW Nazis.
  8. Very good spot. But let's hope ACSC ended your struggles with the English language: http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=1368.html

    "lived in bya fat Crab". Bya? Surely that's not even text-speak.
  9. Interceptor,

    Your motivation is slightly better than that engendered in me by AJD. That said:

    A CV is a device intended merely to hook the prospective employer, not to go into infinite detail on pers dev/trg you may have conducted.

    Keep it simple, cut out all the management and defence shite, insert the selected bit (doesn't matter that all attend in the end), and emphaise skills, not knowledge. Perhaps:

    Selected for, and successfully completed, a demanding leadership and management course that significantly developed my ability to think, act and lead under pressure, to accelerate effective decision-making, to prioritise and rebalance resource, and to add value.
  10. That's a very fair cop.

    Have you really been waiting 8 years to throw that one back at me?
  11. You beat me to it, V_M.

  12. msr

    msr LE

    This 32-week leadership and management course prepared me for appointments and careers in a senior management role. The course focused on improving analytical skills, the ability to handle detail and complexity, enhanced communication skills and increased knowledge and understanding of defence within UK government policy.

    This will do as a basic generic text. Ensure that you read the job description and tailor the text to meet their requirements.

    E.g. if they mention communication skills, beef up that sentence to include written and oral briefs, getting to the point, high pressure, short dealines, powerpoint etc

  13. 'ceptor (note apostrophe for those that give a hoot) sounds like a grrreat course, where do I sign up - no, wait, I already did that. Thought I didn't recognise the skills involved - was obviously not paying correct amount of attention (shared the same large tent as you did), you really are silver-tongued with the old graphite pole. Would sp the 'keep it simple' route and exclude the leadership (out-dated concept now) aspect. Major on the managerial, financial and procurement aspects along with years of experience of same. Seaking of polish, do you recall the polish woman with the explosives?