Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by machiavelli, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Apart from a few i have made contact with; Capt Krusty and Forever Brunswick Green are there any more arsers at Shriv at the moment.

    If yes stick something in here and i will lobby the CO's for a place to stay otherwise if there are not - well it might be the end of the dedicated ICSC(L) forum for at least the next 6 months until 5b turn up.


  2. Lone soul at OSC. It would give me no greter pleasure than to know how much you are all to suffer. Read and Weep!
  3. Clearly I am in favour of this, but where the ferking hell are the rest of the course? Show yourselves!
  4. I was stalking those hallowed halls for the last 3 weeks - in light blue. You lot were certainly the sort of thrusting young chaps I thought I'd meet there! Enjoy yourselves.
  5. I'm lurking around! Adding value - sort of!!

  6. Goatbag - had heard from FBG that you were around.

    All in it looks like there are only 5-6 of us - i do not think that the COs will give us a forum but i'll do a taally at the end of the week so it has had a little time to run.

  7. Count me in...
  8. Maybe everyone else has their head down after all the warnings about not taking the 'moaning on Arrse' seriously. Bit of a touchy subject all round.

    Count me in, even if it means my poor opsec is now further compromised.

  9. I'm here too...

    ...and I think I'm going to need somewhere to purge.
  10. Ah yes but your the DS
  11. That's right! Sat at the back of the Lecture Hall as we speak!

    No not really.
  12. Fair enough didn't take into account the time difference on the posting.
  13. OK nobody else ?

    If not i do not think that we can get our own forum but i will ask and let you know......
  14. Nice haircut, you look much younger without the grey...
  15. I know - what are you going to try ??? :D