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Should ICSC(L)3b be delayed and risk word not getting out to everyone?

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ICSC(L)3a were told by the Director last week that the programme had been jigged about to allow them to return to work on 03 Jan 07. The question was asked about the start date for ICSC(L)3b. The response was that it would be too difficult to spread the word about the change in date and so they would not delay the start of the course!!!

Good news travels fast - does anyone else out there believe that there would be any risk of people turning up on the 2nd if it was delayed to the 3rd? Even if the word did not spread to everyone on the course, surely those that did turn up on the 2nd, only to be turned away, would be happy to get theirs heads down for 24hours!!!

Thoughts??? If there is enough support in this forum, I will write to the Director with the results of the poll. Or are you all already completely apathetic?


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As an ex-ICSCer, this sums up elements of the Defence Academy - very good at getting the academic message out, not always so hot on dealing with the admin side of life!
Order, counter order, disorder.

Or you could tell a senior officer's wife about the change on the strict undertanding that it goes no further and everyone is bound to turn up on the 3rd!

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I can't believe that people (staff included) won't want another day off to rest their fat heads after the New Year.

A simple letter/sig to all units with someone turning up on the course is not, I would hope, an impossibility in admin terms. If it is, the course admin cell needs sacking.

PS as this is news was making the rounds at LAND today on DII, although you may not get a huge response on ARRSE, the word is out there and people are aware of the issue.

I would go for the letter now. As Mrs ITC is starting in Jan, I look forward to seeing her letter from the Academy shortly!


Obviously not many people give a fcuk. Of the ten of us that do (at the moment) can you CC1 all your mates on the course asap?


I am sure no one wants to be there on the 2nd - not just the students. Help spread the word before it is too late!


Nice and cheap. Remember the old one about arriving on a course and not being able to spot who the c@*! is? Still struggling?
daisy_21 said:
From all on 3A........

Dry your eyes princess(es!)

Daisy - stop ARRSing and pay more attention in lectures! :D

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