ICSC is it up for revision/rethink???

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by pmc_abo, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Not trying to start a rumour, but I heard that ICSC may be having a re-show (length of course, content etc) is there any fire to what is a wispy hint of smoke?

    I'd be interested in views (and I am not trolling).
  2. As long as they don't make me do it again.
  3. They revise it around this time every year. Those staff who are not required for teaching the B course can look at amendments/revisions/improvements. Course length is relatively fixed as it is linked to entitlement to MQs.
  4. Couple of fellas off the 5a course are helping with rewrite for 6a. 6a (sep) is touted as being a whole new revamped and revised edition - more FEs is the best rumour i have heard
  5. I disagree, ICSC is already one of those postings (if you can call it that) where you do not have to take an MQ if you do not want to. You are automatically entitled to retain your MQ at your previous posting - this is causing a nightmare in the TNB Garrison.
  6. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Agreed but if they dropped beneath the 8 months nobody would be entitled to a MQ at Shrivenham and the problem would be even worse.
  7. I concede the point sir.

    However the volume of quarters at Shriv are designed to hold the various courses - there is no other demand for the Shriv quarters so they would still be available for those that needed them??
  8. Sorry, PCLG, which bit of that was inaccurate. When exactly were you teaching there that you know better? If it is not a posting then what is it? You might read posts before you jump in with both feet next time. :D
  9. Surely the course length is due to the Training Objectives and how much time is needed to deliver these TOs?
  10. Silly you. The length of the course must be determined first in order to gain the funding/resources. Once this is achieved the next stage is to set and agree the syllabus.
  11. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just because a quarter is available doesn't mean the system will allow/pay for you to move into it and out again....
  12. And more drill! More NBC! More log runs! Less drinking! No sleeping in lectures! Cancel Arnhem! AAArrrgghh!
  13. Enjoying your new job - how we laughed today to see some of our peers back on a TLCM course........

    Ah morale got to find it anywhere........
  14. I was disappointed to see that the number of FEs were dropped (I did 3B). I suspect that quarters in Shriv will become more popular with the RAF due to Lyneham closing and therefore houses closer to Brize will become more attractive.

    I didn't enjoy the course, but did OK but just suffered from course itus and FE blindness (worse that snow blindness) after 9 months. Lived with family in Bowergreen and enjoyed the location. Didn't get the whole differnce in course lengths between the other services especialy when I work in a very purple org now - someone isn't learning something or someone is learning way too much - I suspect the latter.
  15. They have just binned the latest FE in the USA so rated against your peers on the basis of an oral & written brief and an essay (ooops i forgot that they no longer grade everyone the vast majority 70% are 'in the middle')