ICS Professional Annual Conference

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Rx'd a letter about this today, whats it like? A couple of supervisors I spoke to mentioned its a bit dull since it was taken over by the 'geeks' who want to actually work during the event. :D

    Do civilian ICS firms have much input to these events?
  2. Hi Polar,

    Can you confirm dates etc for the Conf, as I have not heard anything about it. Cheers
  3. Check ur pm's
  4. Shag all thru to me are they inviting all Supervisory appt or just the select few?
  5. Its open to non supervisory appointments.
  6. Can you PM me dates as well please Polar. What do you mean by non supervisory ie RDs?

  8. You lot are taking the p1ss.

    It's this one.

    at least I got to page 2 of Google :D
  9. Anyone able to declassify the document (or know anyone who can??)?? It doesn't contain any classified material.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Quality! No wonder no one ever takes us seriously!
  11. My bold

    They can actually party at these events when they get to CIVDIV. Believe me, even as an ex non supervisor type, some of these "events" can be outrageous :wink:

    AKA "SCP" or Supervisors Church Parade :D
  12. I can definitely recommend a day out to the infosec show in London 22-24 April this year. Loads of exhibitors showcasing the latest in IT systems & security, but better than that is loads of free booze, loads of hotties wandering round, as many free pens as you can get your hands on (why not make a challenge of it with your colleagues??) and the chance of winning some hot gadgets, eg iPods etc.


    best of all its free, all you need is you bosses approval, some train fares paid by the firm and you can even claim your lunch back!! w00t!!

  13. There's a great wee pub about 5 minutes walk away, football on the telly and all that. I'll meet you all there and we can get hammered.