ICS Op class workbooks (2-1 pre-req)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know what is actually going on with these? I was handed a workbook just before Christmas, dated 2007 to work through and get signed off (similar to the class 3-2) in order to get loaded on to the class 1 residential.

    Once traded, it took over two years for me to actually see a class 3-2 workbook because of the copious rewrites and amendments to it (or so I was told!)

    It seems now; we're in a similar boat with seemingly yet another workbook to use. However, the second instalment runs something like a training matrix, and the in-house class one can no longer sign off achievements/competencies rather than left to Regimental Ops and in their timescales only!?

    No one seems to know what’s going on (including those at RHQ) and we’re PSI-less at the moment!

    Does anyone actually know what is required to attend the ICS-OP residential? Other than the ability to push buttons, make tea and crack one out quickly and quietly whilst on radio stag (obviously)!!


  2. Oooh, I feel your pain. I'm still working through my 2-1 workbook, so yes, they do exist, and yes they're a pre-req for class 1 course.

    However, from those that have returned i'm told the Class 1 course itself has no bearing or relation at all to what we do for 2-1 workbook, so on the face of it it seems like a needless step.

    A needless step thats slowing down the progression of soldiers mightily, to the point that the current crop of seniors may well retire before any of us get our class 1's, which means no Sgt's, because, as everyone knows, you can't be promoted to Sgt until you're a class 1. If your unit is like mine, make sure you take a photocopy of your completed book before you send it of to RHQ... your morale will take a nosedive when, sorry, if they lose it and you don't have a copy.

    Another wonderful day in the Corps!
  3. I didn't even realise there was a workbook for class 2-1 as I've never even heard anyone at my unit speak about it. Thanks for highlighting this, I'll follow up on Tuesday night.
  4. I did the Class 1 CS OP course, the book was a pre-requisite and, because of the equipment been taught, did have relevance on the course.
  5. Logon to ArmyNet and then use the following link:


    It might be slightly out of of date (the correct version had a pretty picture on the front when I last looked).

    Most of the 2-1 objectives when I last looked had been covered by a number of other courses. I'm pretty sure I thought I could sign this booklet off before most people had completed their 3-2 (especially if they had done Junior CLM)
  6. p.s. The links on the right of that page don't work anymore..... and I can't edit them

    If your after that type of info ... logon to DII or visit the normal RSigs ArmyNet site, I can only find PD101 at the moment though
  7. Disclaimer: Yes the 2-1 does appear to be the latest version I've seen but my info could be out of date... Then again info of driving quals required for promotion may be out of date but also it could have not reached (sub) units yet
  8. Mmm, might be why the class 1 course for March just got binned... not enough people with completed workbook?

    When did you do the course? My mate did the course about 4 months back, said it had no relevance to our kit whatsoever.
  9. Did the course 2 years ago, of course back then we were still using ptarmigan, and so was my unit.
  10. The course is probably a bit ahead of its time. Part of the trend is to move away from kit focused training to more general modern and relevant skills.

    I believe this is exactly the same as the regular element of the corps, except they are a few years ahead.... BSS, class 3 & 2 modules will also follow this trend, unless the plan has changed
  11. The first workbook I had eyes on, wasn't kit-specific but more geared around the process element (pre-deployment prep, maintenance, admin, depolyment, sighting etc) unlike the old 3-2 workbook with Clansman, NCRS et al).

    So the March course has been completely binned? Any idea when the next one is?

    What about the content? I've heard varying reports on what actually goes on ranging from sat in classrooms for a fortnight to full on deployment!
  12. I was sat in classrooms for 2 weeks on mine, thats when we weren't in the museum cafe :p
  13. Last time I saw a 2-1 workbook, it was the week before a Class 1 course, and the 3 attendees from my Sqn were sat down with a couple of seniors, who talked them through the book, and told them what to write in, then signed them off...

    Not sure that is way it was meant to be used...
  14. I guess having more attendees than instructors during the sign off is a positive - just that it happens in several other locations
  15. Still waiting out on confirmation whether the March course has been binned - not according to the Yeoman.