ICS Career Stream

There appears to be some confusion over this career stream does anyone know anything about it?  



The only career stream I'm aware of is Acquisition Stream, running under DPA's auspices.  Where did you hear about an ICS stream?

DS2, and all of the agencies established to enable it, lend themselves to a specialist ICS stream, but I've not seen anything published.
Well Dangermouse, the ICS stream does exist as a sub group to the technical stream (so I am led to believe), but as I know about as much as you do about it I am also in the dark...  anyone got any idea??
Pointless talking about ICS in this forum.  The RSignals mainstream couldn't even spell the fcucker!

All history and humanities Grads.



If anyone's still curious - there is a Technical (IS) substream in which offrs can specialise during [ROCC] Stages 2 and 3. A soldier one is being worked on I believe.

As the name suggests, it's a branch with the Techical Stream. It's been renamed from ICS to reflect the fact that communications is a R SIGNALS responsibility.

There's lots of information on the RLI about this, on the MCM web pages. As I recall, the DII (A) pages have some information, too.

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