Icons. "The Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle".

I have voted for it, but personally find the Bren Gun far more iconic with the old "banana" magazine.

The Spitfire will win, though.
Got my vote

First rifle i ever fired and i can still remember the recall ! Ouch. lol
Voted because I'm a soft sentimental type at heart. And mi dad would have lugged one for many years.
Ah Ya Spitfire, creaming mi self.
just what is he on about, the .303 was only rifle in use in 1957 in the British Army, They were going to issue us with the FN in 1956 for the Suez invasion then some bright spark realised that it had not been desert tested and it went back into store again., My personal favourite Le e Enfield was the was first WW one with the leaf sight which you could also set the windage for long shots, also it had wicked 18 inch bayonet which was far more use than the pig sticker they came out with for WW2
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