Icons for Englishness?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slick, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. This afternoon I wandered across to the local centre to post a letter and whilst taking advantage of the "monday club £1.50 a pint" in the boozer, I picked up a copy of The Scum which some kind person had left on the table. Amongst the normal rubbish was a campaign to find the true symbol of Englishness, my first thought was the Union Jack, but as this isn`t just for the English, I thought on. Later my Mrs thought of fish and chips, whilst I had visions of hundreds of English Yeomen taking down Johnny French at Agincourt. It seems to be very difficult to think of a truly English icon in these times other than a burberry cap. Answers on a postcard please :roll:
  2. How about a Bulldog with great big Bollocks...
  3. churchill
  4. How about football holigans?
  5. Beat me to it! :)
  6. Whilst football hooligans are a reasonable suggestion they are not strictly English. There is still a great confusion between English and Britishness. The search is for something that defines Englishness and will probably have to go back a couple of hundred years to find a symbol, please pay more attention to the question or you will find yourself sitting at the back of the class :lol:
  7. There are various (old) English designs at:

    We are the English

    Whatever floats your boat.
  8. How about the monarchy?
  9. What about John Bull a bit old school I know, What would be the modern version of John Bull?

    Editted coz I is a mong
  10. The House of parliament - the home of democracy - place of work of pillock in chief blair
  11. Leslie Phillips. :lol:
  12. Winston Churchill
  13. Cricket on the village green
    Country pubs
    Loathing the French
  14. Hunting :(
  15. According to some numpty politician (David Blunkett?) the most common dish eaten in England was Chicken Tikka Massala?!