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I present to you, IckleMissNawti

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30/f : straight : SINGLE : Liverpool, United Kingdom

My Self-Summary

* - Ethnicity: N/A
* - Height: 5' 8" (1.72m).
* - Looking For: Friends, Penpals
* - Smokes: No
* - Drinks: Often
* - Drugs: Never
* - Religion: N/A
* - Sign: Aquarius; its fun to think about
* - Education: Graduated from college/university
* - Income: N/A
* - Kids: Has 1 child
* - Pets: Likes dogs and likes cats
* - Languages: English

Data Used:
icklemissnawti: 113 questions answered

POSITION VACANT! APPLY WITHIN! MUST be HARD enough to perform well in TIGHT DARK WET SPACES! Own uniform required Salary 2 B Negotiated but MAY consider the PIK scale as an option. Interview will involve Or*l & Practical Examinations High scores MUST be attained in both, merit will be given for originality! ALL applications MUST be complete with Pics & Refs! Just think of me as an amusement park with nice rides as I'm 5'8 tall, a 38DD/E with long red hair, hazel eyes, belly button, nose & tongue piercins, I don't have the need to wear a paper bag on my head! BUT i'm not your type,"I'm NOT Inflatable" I'd say i'm a lot like a chocolate eclair very nawti but nice, & if you treat me like an angel i'll be your ickle devil! I enjoy sh*ggin on car bonnets whilst the engines still hot and the rains pouring down, sitting on your face Peddlin your ears & Gammin. I'm an ex-AnnSummers rep so I know my D*ldo's. I dont drink in £1 a pint pubs as they're full of £1 a pint ppl, I'm more of a Cocktail Gal (wink wink) THESE LIGHT MY FIRE: 1. Sexy eyes 2. Squishy bums 3. Kinky s*x 4. Wild nights out/in 5. Men who can s*x txt THESE LEAVE ME COLD: 1. Standing naked in snow 2. Jealousy 3. Smarmy blokes 4. Tight fisted men 5. Couch potatoes SMALL PRINT:I'm Mad-As-Toast, love having a banter and I'M ONLY HERE 4 A LAUGH
What I'm Doing With My Life

Currently employed for a large telecommunications company getting paid to do what I do best (gabbing on the phones for hours ;o)) I'm on the move too just bought a house :eek:) and moving in the next couple of weeks yersssssssssss!! Bring on the housewarming, well after the stripping has taken place ofcourse ;o)
I'm Really Good At

Writing - Whether it be short stories, poems, song lyrics or silly profiles like this one! :eek:P Making things - HaHA I should have a thousand Blue Peter badges because what I cant make out of some sticky back placky a wire coat hanger and pair of old thongs aint worth talking about Making new friends - stick me in a room with 200 ppl and i'l have the gabbed the leg off the lot of them by the end of the evening! (Probs because i'm such a flirt ) ;o)
The First Thing(s) People Usually Notice About Me

My bright Red Hair!(get ya sunglasses to the ready) and my boobs 'cause ya cant miss em!
My Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and Food are

My Favourite books are anything by Jackie Collins or Danielle Steel My favourite movies are chick flicks, so anything like dirty dancing or Bridget are tops in my book(I am Bridget Jones!) Very ecclectic where music is concerned! But atm I'd say I'm more into dance music as I'm helping out with a Tune thats going to be realeased some time soon (fingers crossed) I love Haagen Daz Ice cream rarrrrrrrrr pure sex in a tub ;o) other than that I'l try anything once and perhaps twice just to make sure I dont like it ;o)
The SIX Things I Could Never Do Without

Friends & family because they make me smile :eek:) Hairstraighteners to de-frizz my wig :eek:) Wax strips to de-fuzz my muff ;o) Mobile phone, 'cause i'm a txt addict :eek:D PC because i'm an internet shopping junky :eek:$ My cash card because I hate carrying money:eek:P
I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About

who wants to think when you can do ;o)
On a Typical Friday Night I Am

... out straight from work with the girlies, getting intoxicated and giving it large round the handbags in some cheesey club haha
The Most Private Thing I'm Willing to Admit Here Is

.... A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline...
You should message me if:

...your Mad-As-Toast, love having a banter and are ONLY HERE 4 A LAUGH ;o)

Ah, my work here is done. :D
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