Iceland Seeks Emergency Loan From Russia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 8, 2008.

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    As I have heard Russia agrees.
  2. Savings bank ING Direct is buying up more than £3bn of deposits held by tens of thousands of British savers.

    It says it is acquiring £2.5bn of deposits held by 160,000 customers from Kaupthing Edge, the UK retail arm of Iceland's biggest bank.

    It is also taking control of £538m of savings held by 22,200 people with Heritable Bank, which was run by Iceland's Landsbanki - Icesave's owner.

    This is similar to Santander's control of Bradford & Bingley savers' deposits.

    ING Direct is a subsidy of Netherlands-based ING Group.
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    Bugger! I thought it was for Kerry Krackheed's habit!
  4. The interesting point is, what will Russia get in return? The comment in the Spectator yesterday was that they would ask for (at least) refueling and other admin rights on the old US base at Keflavik.

    Apparently the US irritated the Icelanders by pulling out so quickly (decision March 06, all gone by September 06), leaving the local economy looking for another source of income. They might have found it.