Iceland Refuses To Repay Britain £2.3bn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Iceland's president says he will not sign a bill to repay Britain the £2.3bn that was lost by British savers when one of the island's banks collapsed.

    Have i missed something here? Didn't they say they would repay British people last year, and that's why our Gov't compensated people????? :? 8O
  2. He has the power to veto & considering half the population of Iceland have petitioned him no doubt he's trying to safeguard his own position.
  3. Quite understandable, when every Icelander will be in debt to the tune of 20,000 each.
    On the other hand, cut of all financial aid to Iceland, don't let them join the EU, that way they don't get their hands on any more of our money.
    If they can't or won't honour their promises why should we bail them out?
  4. Fishing rights?
  5. That's the last time I use their shops! And I don't care what Kerry Katona or the Nolan sister says either!
  6. lets invade
    its cold and miserable check
    does'nt have an army check
    women are good looking possible problem.
    They have bars possible problem.
    so not excactly problem free though we have been there before this time I'm sure andrew could get people ashore with out help from the icelanders :roll:
  7. Sorry to say this but that is capitalism on a global scale. Why should Iceland repay money, would we repay it (actually don't answer that) there is a risk with every investment and unfortunately Iceland oversold themselves. Perhaps the oneyed one should have done the same and let the banks fail.
  8. Supposedly the deal for entry to the EU was dependent on them repaying the money. What's the betting when push comes to shove that the politicians prefer to add them to the ever-growing empire though.
  9. except iceland small country and can be bullied as its got no where to get funding.

    uk plc's banks if they go down unfortunatly really really bad things could happen
  10. How can you trust a country that eats shark meat that has been buried for years?
  11. Same as you can't trust people who don't let their game hang.
  12. As you said, every investment has risk. Just because the bloke gambling your money isn't called 'Flash Harry' doesn't make that any less true.

    People became too used to return without risk in the good years. When reality finally rubbed their nose in a steaming pile of their own naivety, they raised the usual cry of, 'the government should do something about it!' and demanded to be protected from the consequences of their own greed and folly.

    Iceland don't have the money and therefore can't give it to anyone. There's a lesson in there that a few of ours should have heeded.
  13. Daft bat,lol ! :D
  14. Not picking on you by the way BH, just done this to two of your posts :p
  15. Being as ugly as a constipated horses arrse, I'll take the hit for the team as there is no way I will trap any thing else there.