Iceland: Planes Grounded After Volcano Erupts - Part 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Iceland: Planes Grounded After Volcano Erupts - Yahoo! News


    A volcanic eruption believed to be more powerful than last year's flight-halting blast has closed airspace across Iceland.

    But experts say the latest rupture should not affect international flights.

    The North Atlantic island's most active volcano, Grimsvoetn, located at the heart of its biggest glacier Vatnajoekull, started to spew smoke and lava late Saturday.

    Within an hour, the plume of smoke had rose to an altitude of 11km (6.8 miles).

    The eruption comes just over a year after the nearby Eyjafjoell erupted - the first volanco blast at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier since 1823, and Iceland's first since 2004.

    It briefly forced 600 people from their homes in the area but shut down large swathes of European airspace for almost a month amid fears the volcanic ash floating across the skies would wreak havoc on aircraft engines.

    Icelandic Meteorological Office geophysicist Gunnar Gudmundsson said the Grismvoetn burst would not be of the same scale but could interfere with domestic flights.

    "I don't expect this will have the same effect as Eyjafjoell volcano because the ash is not as fine," he said.

    "I don't think this will have much of an effect on international flights, or that it will shut down airports abroad."

    He said they would continue to monitor the movement of the plume.
  2. Speaking to a geologist last night and she was saying that the Grímsvötn eruption started at about 17:30 utc. They were all having a bit of a laugh as they expected the doomsday nutters to jump on the bandwagon.:joker::joker::joker::joker:
  3. Icelandair pilot Thor Kristinsson told the BBC he had flown near the volcano on Saturday.

    "We were able to finish our flight but we did see the ash plume rise fast. We were at 38,000 feet ... and the ash was at least at 40,000 feet at that time.

    "It looks at least as bad as the one last year and it looks like it could get worse. It's as big, if not bigger than the last ash cloud."

    All we need now is the Spanish / French Air Controllers going for a double whammy. Off to get my foil tin hat......
  4. Tin Hat on and hunkered down after seeing wonderful BBC graphics of ever spreading ash cloud. fancy my mate in Rhodes may not be coming back from holiday as scheduled next week.
  5. So do we get our money back?
  6. For what?
    Did you spend money on anti zombie gear and rapture proof underwear or something?
  7. *disclaimer ' underwear can go down as well as up'
  8. You might be lucky Hits Scotland on Tuesday,

    "If the eruption continues at the same intensity, it could spread to other parts of the UK, western France and northern Spain by Thursday or Friday. If the eruption continues at the same intensity, it could spread to other parts of the UK, western France and northern Spain by Thursday or Friday."

  9. If you have booked holiday / Flight before this happened and you’re due to fly during this occurrence I think you will have a better chance of getting your money back now we have had this shit happen before. I seem to remember that on the back of last years problems and insurance companies refusing to pay up, some chap did win a case and set the ball rolling (or am I hearing voices again)
  10. No, you clown, you won't be flying! ;-)
  11. I sincerley hope it doesn't **** over UK airspace, I'm supposed to be flying in to Manchester from Dubai next Monday morning.
  12. oh come on lads look on the bright side, at least people can spell the name of this volcano, unlike that Eijalafakfallafflmcvitiesbiscuit one
  13. I could always spell it, cut and paste is easy. I'm fcuked if I have to say it though! :nod:
  14. The tofu munching tree hugging fluffy bunny lovers would have it that Geothermal energy is clean and environmentally sound, but I'll be****ed if I'll let them install a volcano in my garden.....
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