Iceland Mums

I think there is something wrong with me. I can't help it, those Iceland 'Mums' are proper giving me the horn! I particularly like the one that does the Marilyn Monroe thing out in the garden, then with her brummy accent says something along the lines of ''It's a bit parky out there''. At that point I've usually gone off to a parallel universe which involves doing rude things to her in the garden shed with various gardening implements.
Pointy garden implements? She looks a bit sado-masochistic.

Give her a good rogering with those shears boy!
Mmmmm! The ones doing the Can-Can! :) :)
Now if I had to grade them Sam from Leigh would be top of the list as not only is she rather good eye candy who models in her spare time but she must be gagging for it all week as her old man is away from Monday to Friday. I wonder if she needs a working week hubby to help with the kids, shopping, gardening, household odd jobs etc? Oh yes and rogering her silly every night so she doesn't feel abandoned!
Why has she got a lollypop sticking out of her minge?
If I walked in to Iceland and saw a set of mummies like that, (unlike the usual trash that shops there) I'd be forced to write 7.62 down my cock and set to work like a 16 year old, pi$$ed off American boy in his school with a semi automatic weapon. If fact it'd be so messy that Micheal Moore would tip up a year later to make his new documentry "Bowling for Iceland". I would fcuking spray the joint with my lead wasp jizz watching them run for cover then catch them looking like Venkman in Ghostbusters.

Once I've been kicked out of there, I'll head over to ASDA.
The term Iceland Mums would also include the mums in the blue print dress and the yellow dress pictured above.
That is what the lollipop girl will look like in 5 years.
Because,quite rightly,when I put up the original(without the lollypop)I got sent to the naughty step.
Contrived of course, with jaded husband b/f probably taking the pic. Unless she always puts fuckall into or takes fuckall out of an empty trolley.

I bet if she turned round, you'd need to put one on her boat as well.
Mmmmm! The ones doing the Can-Can! :) :)
Who are they? I'm sure some of them are Z-list celebs but I cant figure out their names.
I know that Lorraine bird has got saggy tits, but I would still do her, if by some miracle I could get a stiffy, sigh.
Who are they? I'm sure some of them are Z-list celebs but I cant figure out their names.
Know what you mean! But I keep looking elsewhere than their faces! :)
Unfortunately they don’t do adverts on the TV, but I can’t go anywhere near the Jane Norman shop without getting a rock solid stonker….!

Jane Norman seems to be the place to be for the connoisseur’s who really appreciate the higher society of the MILF leagues, whereas the common sink-estate scutter seems to hang around in New Look or Select..

I also have the web site saved on “My Favourites” list…
If only in reality the Iceland mums all looked like that!

When ever I've made the mistake of popping into my local one, the majority of the customers resemble an obese tracksuit clad benefits queue

You'd have to go to a Waitrose to find quality of MILF shoppers such as that...or maybe a Sainsbury's

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