Iceland - medium or large scale?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. I reckon there are going to be fisticuffs at dawn behind the bike sheds!

    Is this likely to be a large scale operation or could we get away with a medium scale op?

  2. Just go and unplug their freezers, that'll do 'em in.
  3. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Last time we took them on they gave the RN a kicking (or a barging at any rate).

    Do we still have a navy?
  4. Aren't both ships chasing a mix of pirates and drug runners? There's nothing left over this end of the Atlantic!
  5. No, but then they don't have the money to buy the fuel to send their's out guy in a fishing trawler could take the place.....attractive women lot's of them.....
  6. Do we have any loose change left down the back of the sofa to fund any Ops
  7. You think Cyclops is going to fork up the cash to pay for a bit of gunboat diplomacy to the land of bargain freezer food? It will never happen, democracies don't fight each other, apparently. And at the moment the toybox is getting rather empty, i'm sure if they ask their mums the Budleigh-salterton sea cadets might be able to rustle up something.
  8. I'll have the large black forest gateau ple... Oh sorry, wrong thing. Besides according to the FT the government have apparently used Anti-Terror legislation to freeze Landsbanki’s UK assets so we might actually be able to sell off their stuff to cover their commitments.

    As for the lack of troops, perhaps it's time for Operation Grasping at Straws aka. call out the CCF? Hell, Iceland doesn't even maintain a standing army so it'd be a fair fight. :)
  9. I do wonder sometimes why people here don't get that we still have a navy of 23 Frigate/Destroyers, 2 aircraft carriers, 8 attack subs, 4 trident subs, 1 helo carrier, 6 amphibs, 16 minehunters, +11 support ships, etc.
  10. And how many have crews trained and available / are in re-fit / chasing drugies / in the falklands / in the gulf etc etc? Honest question!
  11. Nobody has asked the key question!

    Does Iceland have Exocet!?
  12. Just a couple of 40mm Bofors coastguard ships.

    Hope the navy dont stock too many Ipods on their unarmed semi-decommisioned Type 42's. :twisted:
  13. Check out Frau Jonsdottir as taken today, a Professional Icelandic Housewifey of some milage eyeballing the BBC news reporting team when she was asked in a none too covert manner, "Sooooo, what about the Cod Wars II eh?!"


    Seems to me the planners are going about this wrong... we can't do a RN op... we need to do an awakening!!! Rally the coup, Operation Fork II more like. :D
  14. It is now time for me to pull ot my old copy of Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and read the part about the invasion of Iceland.

    One problem might be that Iceland is a member of NATO. If the RN were to invade you might be obligated to then drop in paratroopers and the RAF Regiment to defend Iceland from the RN. Given the economic climate it might be hard to pay for their transport unless you let the RAF stand down and flew the troops in by RyanAir. The only problem with that would be the fact that heavy machine guns and mortars would not fit in the overhead bins and RyanAir would croak you with excess baggage charges.
  15. A founding member....