Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bell559, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Hey all

    I didnt get that bit of paper with the main things to talk about for your icebreaker at ADSC..

    Can anyone going ADSC soon or someone in the know pls help us out

    I know these from memory:

    Full Name, info about home life

    Preparation for army

    Cap badge and why

    What you'll bring to the army

    Most memorable moment

  2. name and age
    family and home town
    hobbies and interests
    cap badge and reason why
    what prep you have done for ADSC
    what qualities you have
    ambition in life
    most memorable moment
    any thing else that will assist your presentation
  3. Best drunken antic.
  4. Okay was there a few weeks back..I could tell you to do a search but i'm bored so i will answer.

    Well basically you have got most of them if my memory serves.But don't worry when you stand up you will have a board in front of you with things you will need to talk about.

    Just stand up straight,hands behind back,be confident and you will be fine.Everyone's in the same boat so don't worry about looking silly.Most of the time the Corporal was taking the piss and making jokes anyways.
  5. just to add to this thread aswell you will be pressed on your job briefs so get to know them inside out why you want to do them ect.... you will be ask questions good luck
  6. Thanks for replies and icemann for the list

    Griffo909 did you get taken into groups of 8 to do it ? Or just everyone at once kinda thing?
  7. Well my section got lucky.we completed our jerry can carry and all the other physical tests first so we had some waiting around to do,so we just done it in front our section (about 8 odd lads).So we got it easy.However as the next sections starting pouring in the audience obviously increased,so the rest had to do it in front of 40 or so lads.

    But like i said, it really is no big deal.

    Good luck
  8. Please, can someone (once) use the search function FFS :?
  9. Couldnt find what i wanted in the joining up section ^^

    Now i have found it in another section

    Awfully sorry ... I guess
  10. I remeber doing my ice breaker and being suprised at how many people had put no thought into it at all and could barely remember their cap badge.
    Funiest thing I heard was one lad who said his most memorable moment was "starting puberty" the corporal almost choked!
  11. do they ask questions in your ice breaker or is it just a breif description of yourself and ambitions??
  12. my icebreaker many moons ago was a pure piss take!!

    they wanna know if you get nervous in agroup, infront of ppl u dont know, they wanna know confidence from arrogance and also what sorta bloke you are... you can waffle crap and they don't listen to what you say but how you say's called selection my boy and is the principle of working as a leader!! first step before first day gotta love it!!

    and don't worry you'll do ice breakers everywhere! if i was you though i'd think of something funny to say likea story, think of some jokes cuz when our DS got bored we had to stand up and talk bout shite!! i got 3 mins on the sex life of a pebble and i made out it was sleeping around and it broke the day up abit!!
  13. haha ok mate cheers what about draggin my fat mate by his legs about a mile up a hill in magaluf because he was paraletic but then realised id dragged him a mile in the opposite direction to the hotel haha
  15. Got back from selection(P) earlier today.
    Passed btw.

    Ice breaker had a board in front of you with bllet pointed things. You have to say them in order and evryone says the same:

    It is-

    Name and Age
    Hometown and Family
    Interests and hobbies
    Cap Badge and reason why?
    What prep have you done for ADSC
    What are your good and bad points?
    What is your ambition in life?
    What is your most memorable moment.