Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by adams08, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm due to attend selection on the 15th of jan at lichfield, and i'm unsure what i should be saying in my icebreaker. What did you lot say for yours and/or what would be good things to say?
  2. Don't worry about it; they give you a couple of things to talk about, just go off that
  3. on my section commanders course i said that i always wanted to be a porn star but my cocks too short and i'm shit in bed, so i ended up in the army! 8O went down well with everyone but i would advise against it if its your initial interview
  4. keep things informal "call the PS/DS any of the following. fella, mate, chum, marra, bud,. chief, top man" etc this should keep you fit anyway.

    or you could relax and go with the flow
  5. you should have a icebreaker brief in your info pack
  6. they put a sheet in front of you with a few headings like family, hobbies etc. So if you get stuck you can look at that to jog your memory. It's not so much about what you say, its how you say it which is more important. Be confident, stand up straight, look people in the eye and you will be fine!
  7. Adams ill see you there pal....Second time round for me.I woyudn't worry to much,Just have a brief overline of what to say and try and be as confident as possible.
  8. Don't talk to quickly. Don't say umm, errr, etc.. and stand still hands behind your back. And look at the back of the room and speak loudly.
  9. if its like mine we all stood up there and got ripped to f*ck for 3 minutes, then swapped around, barely looked at the headings on the sheet, barely even got a word in!
  10. On my Ice breaker they told us to just stand in the 'at ease' position. Just stuck to that, only thing that made me panic was delays reading the board, not talking and keeping everyone waiting while i thought of an answer!

    It's ok though, everyone is in the same boat at the end of the day, and its not like you will get picked on if your a bit shy and nervous on your icebreaker!

    My leg started shaking and I was doing a mini elvis impression! Ah well it gave us something to laugh about and produce a smile in the final interveiw! :D

    Good luck with it mate!
  11. I believe thats what my dog took into the rain to chew up, what did it consist of?
  12. Dont worry too much mate, if you're not used to speaking in front of people it is a bit of a nightmare. If you can rip the piss out of yourself you'll go down well.
  13. Its generally a list of things to talk about (the same list will be on a board in the room where you do the icebreaker).

    You - your name, where you live, who with etc.
    Why you want to join the army.
    First Job choice and why.
    Hobbies, and what you do in your free time.
    What you are doing in prep for the army.
    Specify your run time and maximum number of heaves.

    I think there were a few more points but I can't remember them at the mo!

    Good luck mate, as Skitch says, just remember you're all in the same position, and its not that bad!
  14. all you really need to remember is your job briefs the rest is your life story just rack your brains there will be a board with bullet points for your aid there
  15. That's all gd then, any other advice for the 1st day?