Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ratonstilts, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Going to Pirbright on the 4th, got my icebreaker sorted but I cant remember it without reading from the sheet. Do I have to learn it off by heart or can I read it??

  2. Your not allowed to read off of the sheet because anybody can do that. and i wouldnt advise memorising every single word because that will make it seem u tried to hard if u get me, they will be able to tell that you memorised it. its better to remember the questions and answer them as u go, see what comes out but obviously dont talk a load of crap.
  3. You should get the sheet on a lecturn in front of you so best thing to do is stand just off to the side of it so you can see the questions but dont stand directly behind it. When you speaking dont try and remember the exact words just speak from the heart and roughly remember what you are going to say.(if you try and memorise it and mess up its hard to try and get back on track). Speak to the instructor at the back of the room this way everybody in the room can hear you and dont look down at the paper/floor. Only tell a joke if you definately know its funny and not racist, sexist etc but try and tell fact and dont tell little porkies or they will catch up on you, just be honest. Get practice with your family and mates beforehand to practice talking in front of people.

    Ive seen quite a few icebreakers at selection and pre selection courses and you can definately tell when somebody is false so believe in what your talking about.
  4. How long does the icebreaker last? Ive never been good at standing in front of people and speaking, even if its people ive known a while.
  5. 2-3 minutes! I think the one thing to remember is everybody is in the same boat as you, and not many people are fans of standing up and talking to a group! I know I'm not!
  6. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes really. Another tip is the more you talk the less questions you will be asked by the staff, its just to check that you can communicate with others, project your voice and arent timid and shy. It also points out if your a gobby CNUT who has views that arent Equal Opportunity friendly, so thats why you have to be careful of what you say.

    Practice at home or on a pre selection course to get rid of your nerves.
  7. when i did my ice breaker there was about me and 3 other lads that had done any preperation every one else winged it! was so boring as every one said the same things over and over... a little bit of prep goes a long way in this!
  8. Ooh, is that 5-15 each? Thats much longer than I'd been lead to believe! Now I'm nervous too!!!!!!
  9. Should last at least 5 minutes and with questions from us Friendly bunch in Green :D can go onto 15 minutes, so the longer you talk the less time they will have to interogate ooooooops sorry ask you questions. :wink:
  10. Hahaha, I sometimes think I'd be better off not reading this site! Ignorance is bliss, so they say!
  11. Just have an idea what you are going to say, and speak honestly and Im sure you will be fine, sometimes its easier for the girls who can talk the hind legs off a donkeyjust remember not to try and lie, bluff or be offensive. As i said earlier talk to the bloke at the back of the room and everyone can hear you.

    Youll do fine
  12. I find having a good shagging dit does the trick.

    So if you haven't got one, go and get more shagging in.
  13. I'm an actor ;) Lol yeah it's true ;) I like to think of myself as a confident public speaker therefore, and here is one tip that you simply must take away with you. When speaking eye contact is critical. Wait.. making eye contact is hard.. off putting, and can make you as the speaker feel uncomfortable right?

    Well.. look over the peoples heads. This gives the impression you are looking at them, showing bags of confidence aswell as a strong, social character.

    Tip #1 from the bag of tips ;)

    Tip #2, body language.

    Move your hands, throw your speech around. Don't just stand there like a tomato. The chest is the passion zone, towards the stomach is the honesty zone as it's known in the trade. Obviously the feet is the grotesque like zone (golum), and the .. you know what zone is the you know what. That leaves the head/ hair/ face which shows nervousness. Just keep your hands moving by your stomach region, (Tony Blair.)

    These 2 tips simply help you to no end in my eyes as an "actor", still waiting on exam results (THURSDAY!)... but who needs military experience! :p
  14. You might get the question 'What is your most memorable experience?'.

    I'd think of one before you go as i painfully watched many of the other lads squirm uncomfortably as their minds went blank or you get this 'my most memorable experience was having a 3-some on holiday' repeated several times. The comedy value wore off after a while.
  15. when i was at selection they had on A2 piece of paper. the points of which you needed to talk about this may be the same for you if you are lucky.