Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. what is it exactly? how long do we have to stand and talk for and about anything inparticular? any help would be great thanks
  2. I assume this is for the selection centre.

    I did mine in August at litchfield where they had a board with bullet points for you to work through, but basically if they don't where you are going it was just the obvious...

    Who you are
    Your family
    Who you want to join
    Why you want to join
    Most memorable experience.
    and possibly a few others that I can't remember, you didn't have to cover every one - well i didn't- just keep talking clearly and with confidence.

    Not hard - just a case of speaking clearly and confidently so practice in front of your family if it helps and try to cut down on the erm's and er's.

    Good luck

    (unless this this isn't the selection centre you're talking about in which case good luck with that instead)
  3. Oh, and i believe it was two minutes you had to talk for, but I'm sure someone can clarify this if their memory is better than mine.

  4. yer thats right i went litchfield to what ATR you going MRNURSE
  5. ATR Winchester, hopefully in April or failing that the next intake after that for me is September. So fingers crossed for April but knowing my luck they're filled up already - Oh well at least I can't say I haven't had time to prepare, I'll be outrunning the training team at this rate - though that might not be a great idea.

    How about you Harvo - where you going and how soon?
  6. i went to lichfield aswell

    doesent specifically have to be 2mins long just go through the pointers on the board

    its p1ss easy an you all have a laugh

    good luck.
  7. yeah ice breaker is a laugh, the questions i had to answer was....
    my name
    where im from
    any family in the armed forces
    chosen capbadge and why
    what preperations i have made for selection
    what my ambition in life is
    most memorable moment

    its real easy just dont look nervous.....

    basically what my recruiting officer told me was if you make it through the first day youve basically passed, one thing i would say is dont be nervous in your medical as it can give effects of a heart murmor which means a 3 month differal,

    good luck!
  8. They'll give you a small item of something like a piece of chalk or a matchstick and you have to talk for 15 minutes about that item in front of the rest who's there.

  9. Do they reli giv ya a stik, and ya have to talk tha long?? omg
  10. No, they'll make you write about it on a board, and then defer you for being an illiterate goon.
  11. i always found a hammer works well
  12. you know what to do?

    when you get up to give your talk, turn around and use your Arrse, spreading the cheeks nicely so they face the sergeant/corporal etc and speak...ala ace ventura...they may even be tempted to beast you even though its just selection.

    still the nco's will have a nice Rusty Sheriffs badge to look at before the Provo Sgt Rips you a new one!

  13. I have been DS for icebreakers and can give the following advice:

    Be prepared: Write out a guide for yourself of what you want to say (structure) and practise this but do not use notes for the actual icebreaker.

    Do not try to be funny: Save the lame jokes for the pub

    Be honest: do not tell lies/embellish etc

    Keep it simple: Keep your topics simple and try to focus on informing in such a way that people will want to know more.

    Be confident: it is just a few minutes of your life; stay focused and speak clearly.

    The key thing is to let your personality do the work. Be yourself.
  14. Do not try to be funny: Save the lame jokes for the pub

    When ever I went for selection we all had to start of with a joke which I streched out for about 3 mins but then still had to do a few more about myself despite it being a very funny joke. I supose the joke was to break the ice for the ice breaker not that I needed it i've been talking for 18 years I like to think i've got quite good at it.
  15. Ex Icebreaker is the first time you will stay out. It is in week one, and completely non tactical. There will be a camp fire and container meals. During the time out all the DS will get up and do a quick talk on what they have done and then the recruits will do the same. This will last no longer than 5 mins. Then in the morning, you will walk back to camp (2 min walk) and get showered and changed.

    That is what happens at ATR Winchester anyway.