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  1. I have my Selecting down at Pirbright on 6/7th Feb, I need to do another Ice breaker and cannot remember the 5 topics I may be asked, can anyone help, also has anyone got any tips for selection in general?
  2. meant selection
  3. Favourite Film or TV Programme
    -What is it
    -Why favourite
    -Who is the best character
    -When did you see it
    -How did you see it, i.e. Cinema

    Favourite Hobby or sport
    -Who with
    -How long have you been doing it
    -How often do you do it
    -How high up do you think you can get i.e. play for school, county?

    Best Holiday
    -Where was it
    -When was it
    -What did you do
    -What were the best bits
    -Who were you with
    -What was the food like

    Best Day
    -When was it
    -What happened
    -What made it the best day
    -Who were you with

    Current job or best subject at school
    -What is it
    -What do you do each day
    -Best bits
    -Worst bits
  4. I was asked to speak about a match head.
  5. Thanks you soooo much ur a life saver!

  6. I got sheep!
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  7. was that because they saw a spark in you in the future?
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  8. Inside of a ping pong ball. Who the **** thinks these up?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    No, it was a commitment test - they'd identified his propensity to Swan.
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