icebreaker question topic, adsc?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi there just a quick question.

    As you know on the icebreake one of the points is the regiment you want to join and why

    i know it's only provisional and nothing definite at least until you've joined.

    I am saying 2nd signal regiment, but what do i say about why?

    as far as i know its my nearest regiment (Scunthorpe) but thats not a good enough reason is it?

    any quick hints


  2. researchyour unit and find it's good points..and a few bad won't come across as an arsse licker that way.
  4. cheers for the advice, don't worry I'll be working my ass off at adsc, I WILL PASS.


  5. As H_T_B says learn a bit about the history of the Signals, when they were formed, Corp march etc and you could add in things like you would like to serve with 2 Sigs (this could go against you aswell though if you say you want to go there to be near to home). Just read through your job briefs and know all three inside out.
    Where your going for basic/trade training.
    How long you'll be at each training establishment.
    What you will be doing at each place.
    What your specific trade youll do with each preference of CEG.

    Then mention the 2 Sigs preference if you got your first choice but add that you realise once phase 2 is completed you realise you could be posted (assigned) anywhere.

    Good luck to you at ADSC and good luck to Scunny Utd :D
  6. most of the people on my ADSC said they wanted to join their reg because it was the reg their recruiter was in and they said it was really good.

    and dont say your unit. one stupid twat on my ADSC said he was joining 29 commando artillery. the fact he nearly passed out on the first stretch of the run, which was about the 300m point wasnt a big red flag for him.

    he failed with asthma, but i couldnt help but think he must have done no training at all, as surely if he had run before he would have experienced the same problems, and thought, wait a minute, this aint right.

    say your job choice and just say the truth. most of the 2 minutes will actually be the corprols taking the piss. take it in your stride and keep it light. some chav with a mullet got quite annoyed and didnt do so well.
  7. have to laugh,i did my icebreaker, sat down, everyone was just coasting along, then one lad got up and just stood there, waiting,.........

    then after about 20 seconds the Sgt asked him to start, ....he just stood there.....

    eventually the Sgt said, what was the proudest moment in your life so far {or words to that effect}

    "Watching my nephew being born"

    You mean to say you watched your Aunt Giving birth????

    poor lad, the entire room was roaring.

    god, i cant wait to start basic, anyone who knows me, ive now got to have a ultrasound on my liver, on the 30th, then i get to get my selection certificate.

  8. the instructor obviously wasnt very bright, he watched his 'SISTER' giving birth :p
  9. If he was from Cornwall it could of been his sister, Aunt, mother or grandmother or in some cases all of the above to be honest :roll:
  10. thats sick and hasd lowered the tone of this conversation

    :eek: :D

    please more of it.
  11. having the majority of my family living around the scunthorpe area, i think thats probably also true for a fair few of the lads and girls that hang around the parks in the area at 3am riding those ******* stupid scooters that clowns ride.
  12. Thats why I escaped 20 years ago to join the Army :D
  13. Asthma, ASTHMA. Well I aint gonna collapse at the 300m point so I bloody hope I will pass with ease on the spriometry test lmao.

    4 mile run tomorow, I LOVE IT!