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Icebreaker HELP

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Hey, i have adsc up at glencourse on monday, i remember being issued a sheet at pre selection with all my icebreaker questions i needed to answer and some tips... but they took it off me when i got there as it was attached to my forms, does anyone else have this? i know the basic outline of what they ask you in your icebreaker i just want to know if anyone has that sheet and can post the exact questions that are on it, im just worried as i havnt prepared anything to say.


Home Town
Hobbies and Interests
Why you want to join the Army?
What Trade/ Regiment?
What made you choose said Trade/Reg?
What preperation have you done for ADSC?
Ambition in life
Most memorable moment

These are the points that I can remember, there may be another one not too sure but they're written on the wall so you can glance at them to keep on track. Good luck :D
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