Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by CJPeter, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Hello all, i need a little help with the icebreaker .. what things should i say? i have a rough idea but need a few more things to make it last 4 minuets.. any help would be appreciated, thanks callum
  2. Your name usually helps... what you've done in your previous life - straight from school or if you used to work in tesco... what you are into, sports / gang banging etc... you want to join x cap badge for y reason... you will be surprised how quickly 4 minuties go once you get going and one or two jokes always helps to lighten the mood.
    Just dont say one liners icebreakers are there to see if you actually have some confidence about yourself...
    Could be worse I had a guy talk about a BIC pen for 15 mins...
  3. Thank you, that has helped me.
  4. When you're not used to speaking in front of people it is easy to talk too fast, or too quietly. Always take a deep breath and direct your voice into the audience. You are communicating information, make sure they can hear and understand that information.

    Keep it light and funny they don't want to be bored. It is also a bonding exercise, you are making common ground with some of the intake within the audience.

    Obviously, start with your name (and nickname and why) and where your from, if it's a small village, tell them it's 10 miles north of major city etc. so they have an idea of the area you come from. Tell them about your family, Mum, Step Dad who was in X Regt, an older brother who is an electrician and a younger sister who is in primary school and a pain in the arse!

    Tell them about your hobbies and interests. Rugby/football teams, ACF, favourite internet porn sites etc.

    Why you are joining the Army and the Regt of choice.

    That should keep you going for four minutes.
  5. Tell them interesting facts about yourself...

    ie you have a c0ck as long as an Argos biro, and you are banned from every Argos store in the UK.
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  6. I kept it light, a few jokes, and was told at interview that I was too laid back. So all things in moderation.
  7. No problem. Best of luck!
  8. It's always good to nip down the library to do some research on the regiment you'd like to be in so you can talk about why you want to join it and also give a little bit of history on the regiment too.
  9. If your life story is boring you can add. They must be believable and have no consequences. I heard one bloke talk about a job in Birmingham. Later he told me that he had never been to Birmingham. It may be a boring lie but it kept him talking and nobody cared enough to ask any questions. The ideal lie.

    Use with caution.
  10. Do a little dance for them, like a minuet.

    (I'm going, I'm going)
  11. We were given a bit of paper to write it down during all the waiting between medical. If i remember rightly it had sections on it:

    1. Name/age/location/family background
    2. Previous employment/education
    3. Why do you want to join the Army? What job role have you chosen? What do you know about the job role?

    Once we ran through it the assessor's would fire a few questions at us, as said previously it's mostly about the job role, location & length of training etc...

    You should probably think about your answer to being asked "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Everybody parroted each other with "on deployment" when i was at selection.
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