ice sculptures for mess parties etc - updated info

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by jcarver007, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. the current Forces Discount remains a minimum of 20% on most designs but we will try to reduce this if bookings are made early and prices have dropped as well.
    More images below if interested. See more at or contact on

    As and example you could have a cap badge as a double luge (allows two to drink at same time) for as little as £190+vat (£90 off) with only additional cost being possibly delivery.

    We deliver throughout the UK and can deliver overseas (US, Far East, Europe and Middle East) with frozen courier.
  2. Classy AND affordable. What are we waiting for?

    Pictures please.
  3. Flippin' wicked.

    I'm convused as to the luge thing though, you pour the drink over it or you drink out of it or...?
  4. All fully explained on the Company website. The OP has provided a link.
  5. Maybe I'm drunk, or maybe I missed it, but either way, I didn't get the bit that properly explained wtf it was. If you're so knowledgeable then spill ze beans and explain to one less blessed please me dears.
  6. Ice sculpture. Clever design with a tube/channel. Pour Room temp (Flavoured) Vodka in the higher end. Drink very cold vodka out the lower end after it has galloped along the tube. You can drink your vodka straight from the exit hole or let it pour into a shot glass. Also used for champagne.
  7. Ah thanks, and yes I was drunk last night, sorry for needing the obvious to be stated!